I’m Off the Market

I know by the title of this post you probaly think that I have great news about being swept off my feet by a charming, sexy, ambitious guy.  Well, I can assure you that is NOT the case.

Being single can be sucky.  But dating can be even suckier.  The latest two experiences I’ve had in the dating game have made me come to the conclusion that I’m done. Finshed. Fin. It’s over.  I’m done dating.  While my latest Adventures in Dating are totally not alike, they both have made me come to the realization that I would rather be by myself than deal with the issues of dating. 

We’ll start with the bad first.  Although I wasn’t initially attracted to Guy A, he seemed like he could be a cool dude to have around.  Plus, he was tall.  Well, sugar turned to shat real quick.  He was clingy, uncomprising, and insecure.  Most importantly, he lived 45 minutes from my house.  And ya’ll KNOW how I feel about dudes living outside the Beltway.  After one too many arguments (yes, we were arguing, and I don’t argue with folks), I had had enough.  It seems as if homeboy can’t take a hint, even after I told him to lose my number and ignored e-mails and text messages.  He even called me last night.  I’ll be taking people’s advice and adding his number in my contacts as “DNA”. 

Guy B had SO much promise.  He was Southern, a gentleman, and chivalrous.  He didn’t bat an eye when I said I wanted to be courted.  My hand never touched a door handle when we went out.  Most importantly, he seemed like he could be an awesome friend.  I jokingly told my BFF TyAnthony that he was being replaced.  Clearly, I spoke too soon.  Once again, sugar turned to shat.  After starting off at 100, things went to 0 in the blink of an eye-without any warning.  I noticed that I was the one initiating dialogue; initially homeboy was calling me in the morning on the way to work AND in the evening.  And while our last conversation was amazing, we haven’t spoken in a week.   One of my biggest pet peeves is when dudes talk about what they want to do (with you) in the future but then disappear. 

Some people are unlucky in love.  And I have come to the conclusion that I am one of those people.  I’m going to do what I was supposed to be doing a month ago-start studying for the GMAT and training for this half-marathon (I still don’t know how I let my cousin talk me into running…) 

In a nutshell, I’m not available.  I will not be partaking in any drinks, dinner, or any other type of outing with a romantic overture for awhile.  I’m not sure how long-but it will probably be time for an election until I go on another date. (Don’t worry, it’ll be a mid-term election.)  I would like to say the rest of my life, but I doubt that will happen.  TyAnthony did ask if Guy B came back in the picture would I entertain him.  I said probably not.  I’m truly over this whole dating thing.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.


  1. Yes and I said the exact same thing after I was dissed in the worst way possible. Then I met my husband. I wasn’t looking for him but I am so happy that I was available so that he could find me. Dating hiatus I would recommend to get your personal whatnot in order. But don’t close yourself off to love entirely because you never know what’s around the corner.

  2. When you get back on the market, get a Google Voice number so you can ignore, screen and block calls with ease.

    Sorry it didn’t work out but I’m a hopeful romantic and I know when you least expect it, Prince Charming arrives.

  3. Girl, I was in this space for a long, LONG time. I’ve been in this space for the entire time I’ve known you for real, but as the first commenter said, you never know what’s around the corner. Nothing wrong with focusing on you for a bit. Get you some blankets and batteries, you’ll be alright.

  4. Seriously yaa! I’m in the same state as that of yours….didn’t have any dates yet (not sure whether I should consider myself fortunate for it or not), but pretty much in the market thanks to my parents and consequently have been procrastinating GMAT. What happened to you may also happen to me as well! Must start with Mission GMAT for now! 🙂

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