Why I LOVE Scandal

“Scandal” is currently the best scripted show on television.  Point blank AND the period.  If you’re a regular, you know how much I enjoy this show.  Is some of the plot a little predictable?  Meh, maybe.  Do the characters talk too fast sometimes?  That’s a possibility.  But are you on the edge of your seat during each episode?  Absolutely.

Now, my co-workers recently turned on me on “The Walking Dead”.  And as much as I jump during each episode when a walker gets shot at or get his head chopped, it doesn’t compare to this latest show by Shonda Rhimes.  “Scandal” is entertaining, fast-paced, and engaging.  Just about every major character on this show has some intrinsic thing about them that is bad-Olivia, Cyrus, Huck, Mellie, and now Harrison-but you LIKE them.  You cheer for them.  You even want them to get away with whatever misdeed it was that they did.  I have talked about how the Other Woman can basically kick rocks and make herself scarce when her boo is still married, but I almost cried with Olivia when Fitz called it off for good.  From last night’s episode, I was mad that David passed along the voting machine info to James (he’s like a dog with a bone!), I was pissed when James found the last voting machine with the memory card, and I was shocked (though not entirely surprised) when Fitz got shot.

When I normally watch shows, I’ll turn the channel during commercials, play on my phone, or just in general find something else to do. But I don’t do that with “Scandal”. I can’t afford to do that with “Scandal”. Even if something seems really minor, you need to pay attention because it’s bound to make a huge difference later.

Honestly, I’ve never seen so many of friends fall in love with a show and continually talk about it.  Even the people I follow on Twitter are tuned in every Thursday to watch.  This show has transcended race, gender, social class, and geography.  It’s a phenomenon.  I will talk to ANYONE about this show.  If for some crazy reason I have to miss it, I make sure to catch up on On Demand.  Even if I’ve watch the episode on Thursday, I’ve been known to watch it again, which is most likely going to happen with last night’s episode.

“Scandal” gives you great storylines, excellent acting, and suspense.  What more could you ask for a in a television show???  Now, when “Luther” comes back for its third and final season, it’ll definitely be a competition between the two to see which is my favorite.  If you don’t currently watch “Scandal”, you’re losing in life.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

PS I’m sure Mellie (the First Lady) new about the shooting AND I’m going out on a limb to say that Hollis Doyle was probably behind it.  (Don’t ya’ll remember him threatening Cyrus???) Remember what I said, the little stuff that seems insignificant…

I’m Done Being Fat

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Mine was great!  My friend, BD, cooked EVERYTHING!  If your chef(s) was half as good as him, I know you ate well! 🙂

Unfortunately we can’t eat like that everyday, so… back to reality!  As I have mentioned here before, I am overweight…and that’s being nice about it.  Crazy me let Southern Cousin talk me into running a half-marathon with her and another cousin in March.  I have started and stopped training multiple times since this summer.  I have eaten well for about a week and a half then I go back to being bad and eating McDonald’s for breakfast, white bread for lunch, and drinking Cokes everyday. No more!  I decided that last week was my last week for being bad.  No more greasy fast food, no more white flour, and no more soft drinks.  No more coming up with excuses why I can’t run or go to the gym.

At the suggestion of a friend, I sent a message out to the Facebook group of Black Girls RUN! DC and asked for a running buddy that lives near me and is open to running in the mornings.  Yes, it’s dark at 5:30 am AND it’s cold.  But to my surprise, TWO ladies reached out and said they wanted to run with me!  So we set up to start yesterday.  I had a great run, and I’m ready to go out tomorrow and do it again. And I have apparently inspired others, because two friends have reached out to me because they want to start running, too.  Now, I’m not a seasoned runner by any means, but I’m getting there.  I know if I keep at it, I’ll be ready for this half-marathon in March! I also know my weak point is that I’m, well… weak.  My upper body strength sucks.  So I’ve made it my mission to hit up the gym on the mornings I don’t run to do strength training.  I have even set up a personal training session for tomorrow evening.

As anyone will tell you that’s into fitness, you lose the most weight by watching what you eat.  So no more biscuits and no more sodas, which have become the bane of my existence.  I’ve cleaned out the junk food from my cupboards.  I have oatmeal (the real stuff) for breakfast, fruit and whole grain popcorn for snacks, have bought groceries (lean meat, veggies, and jasmine rice) for lunch and dinner.  I even purchased a meal plan from Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss.

This extra weight I’m carrying isn’t going to magically disappear.  And it’s not going to be easy to lose it.  But if I work at it, stay motivated, and even have some friends along for the ride, I know I can achieve my fitness and weight loss goals!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

The Numbers Game (Part II)

Technology in the 21st century is a beautiful thing.  You can send an instant message to someone via your phone or computer.  You can video chat with someone half way around the world.  You can even give someone your number without really giving them your number.  Allow me to elaborate.

Google Voice is a beautiful thing.  With just the click of a button, you can create an alternate number for business or personal use, and the incoming call comes directly to your cell phone.  So it’s almost like having two numbers.  Now that I’ve started utilizing it, I find it amazing!

This past weekend, my “Other Half” (a girl I’ve known for about 4 years, we call each other Other Half because we have the same name with the same spelling, pledged our sororities the same year, have somewhat of the same demeanor, and have been told a time or two that we favor) came to DC for her sorority sister’s engagement party.  Friday night as we were leaving The Park (yes, I went to Park), two random guys popped up out of nowhere and walked us to my car.  The guy that was talking to me was REALLY laying it on thick.  What he said is not important.  What is important is that he asked me for my number.  He handed me his phone so I could type it in.  Yes, I remembered that I’m not on the market, but I decided to give this dude a chance.  I entered in the first 3 digits of my “real” phone number and paused.  After the issues I had with Guy A, I decided to give him my Google Voice number.  Just in case guy turned out to be a douche, he didn’t have my real number.   And he called me so I could have his number, but I didn’t plan on saving it or using it until I saw where this was going.

He asked me when I would be free the next day.  I told him 1:30. As my Other Half and I were watching FSU whoop up on Maryland, we talked about the guys from the previous night.  It’s almost 2:30 when I realized he hadn’t call.  Oh, well, such is life.  Good thing I wasn’t feeling him anyway.  Later on that night, as she and I are out celebrating the Founders Day of Omega Psi Phi, please tell me why my phone rang at 12:30 in the morning??? And it’s ol’ boy from last night??? #iCant  Needless to say, he got sent to Google voicemail.  A message was left, but I could barely understand him as there was a lot of background noise…plus he has an accent.

The moral of this story?  If you’re single, get a Google voice number. You won’t have to change your number when the undesirable from way back keeps calling; just block the number.  And it gives you the option to accept or reject a call.  You don’t have to thank me now, but you will thank me later.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

*Writers Note:  I was in no way compensated by Google for mentioning Google voice.*

The Numbers Game

If you’re human, you’ve dated someone at some point in your life.  And you’ve probably broken up with/stopped talking to at least one person.  So what do you do with their number/e-mail/contact info?

I’ve been told NUMEROUS times that you should NEVER delete a dude’s number from your phone.  Why?  Because at some point in the future, he’s going to reach back and call or text you to say, “What’s up?”, and so you won’t be caught off guard, you need to know it’s him.  I can say unequivocally that that has happened to me.  Just last week, on the same d*mn day, 3 (yes THREE) dudes called/texted me.  Two of the dudes were the ones I made reference to in this post. The other dude was the guy in Case # 1 from this post.  (I know you all must be thinking this girl is on a roll.)  Now, with the first dudes, even though I told one of them to lose my number and the other one I said I would not talk to again, I totally understand their calling me as things ended kinda recently.  The third guy-not so much.  We haven’t seen each other in over a year and haven’t talked in at least 4 months.  I think he called just to tell me he moved away 2 months ago.  But who cares?  We haven’t talked in forever. Now, in regards to their numbers.  I have deleted two and kept one but for very different reasons.

First, with the number I do have-Guy A from my post on the 6th. I have no desire to talk to him again.  But because he has a penchant for calling me (even after I told him to kick rocks), I have to save it so I know it’s him.  I got caught off guard and answered when my phone rang two weeks ago.  That won’t happen again.

Guy B… I have to admit, even though I told TyAnthony that I wouldn’t want to date him if he called me back, there is a little bit of something in me that hopes he gets his act together and starts being consistent again.  His number is deleted because I do not want to be tempted to call him.  I mean, I find it SO hard to believe that God would bring this dude into my atmosphere just for him to turn out to be unreliable and somewhat of a jerk. But as I also told Ty, I could probably hang out with him on a platonic level as we could’ve been friends (before he started disappearing just to pop back up and became unreliable).

Now, the guy from Case # 1- in the beginning when we stopped seeing each other, I was tired of the merry go round and didn’t want to be tempted to call him on a bored and lonely night.  At this point in time, I have no desire or reason to call him.  I’ve come to the conclusion that he and I want different things, and there’s no need for me to have his number in my phone.  (Growth is a beautiful thing, because 5 years ago I was singing a totally different tune.)

So, what do you guys do?  Do you keep the number of loves long gone?  Or do you throw them out with last week’s trash?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Do Better

I want to cry.  Literally. Like a puffy, red-eye, snot nose, can’t catch my breath cry.  No, no one died.  No, no man broke my heart.  It’s the aftermath of the 2012 election.  I’m honestly tired of seeing my friends on Facebook post stuff about Gov. Romney AND President Obama.  (I’m tempted to hit un-friend for classmates, friends, and family alike…maybe I’ll just take them out of my timeline.) I’m tired of reading news articles related to people being mad their candidate didn’t win and exasperated at seeing people cheer because their candidate did win.

In 2012, we have someone that basically made a death threat against Obama because he won.  A woman ran over her husband because he didn’t vote (for Romney).   People are actually signing petitions to have their state secede from the union. -_- I have to admit, I was one of the disillusioned people in 2008 who thought race relations might be becoming a thing of the past with the election of the nation’s first Black president.  Two months later I would see just how wrong I was.  And four years later, it seems as if things have gotten worse.  Honestly, do people dislike the POTUS because of his policies and his political party?  Or is it all about race?

A lot of news pundits have stated that in order to unite America, the President has his work cut out for him and has to find a way to get people on his side.  I wholeheartedly disagree.  When it comes to relationships (because the President has a relationship with every single American-regardless if he received their vote), you can’t change the other person.  It’s not Obama’s job to change the mind of millions of people that do not “like” him to get them to work with him .  It’s his job to run the country.  It’s our job as Americans to hold him, and especially our other elected officials, accountable for doing things for the greater good of this country.  How much sense does it make to constantly battle someone?  None, because nothing gets accomplished (which we’ve witnessed for the past 2 years).  We-the POTUS, state and local officials, and the American people-need to come up with a compromise.  That’s the only way this relationship is going to work.  If we can’t make this relationship work, speak up during the next election with your vote and end the relationship.

When I first moved to DC, I stopped watching the news because it seemed everyday someone was getting killed.  Now I stopped watching because of the elections.  I would like to think some of this would die down, but it doesn’t seem like it has.  I honestly wonder sometime if my Facebook “friends” have issues with people that are different from them.  I get tired of seeing posts and pictures related to people’s political thoughts.  What are you doing with your life?  How’s the new job?  The new baby?  The new house?  Let’s focus on the present and the future because the past is behind us.  How we can move forward.  Talk about how to you visited your representative and you agreed to work on ways to improve the schools in your district.  Or how you’re coming up with a plan to work with your neighbors to combat crime.

Alas, I doubt this white noise that is Election 2012 is going to die down anytime soon.  Which saddens me.  And makes me want to cry.  Not the pretty cry with one tear going down my cheek.  But the puffy, red eye, snot nose, can’t catch my breath cry.  Until the next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.