It’s Complicated

If you follow Paul Carrick Brunson, you know the title of today’s post is the title of his new book AND his live tour, which is coming to a city near you!

Last Thursday, Paul brought “It’s Complicated LIVE!” to our nation’s capital, and yours truly was able to attend.  The first hour consisted of mixing and mingling with other attendees.  You were able catch up with old friends and possibly make some new ones.  The discussion portion of the evening was hosted by J.J. Smith, and music was provided by Rob Murat.  Paul hosted an evening of laughs, surprises, and astonishing moments.  He also touched on various themes in his book, which included knowing your non-starters, the laws of attraction, and don’t be afraid to love again.  As in true Paul fashion, he had two gentlemen present that were single and looking for relationships.  In an attempt to narrow down the women, Paul showed the audience a list of non-starters and a list of priorities and asked each of us to pick 3-5 from each list.  Through the process of elimination, “Joe” was introduced to LaTonya, a woman that he shared his values, non-starters, and attraction.   Next up, three women were selected to meet Sterling.  These women were chosen because they believed their flirt game to be a 10.  It was very interesting to see the confidence and poise these women possessed.  Each one had a different method and were defintely brave to have their best game on display for a roomful of people.

My main take-aways from the event were to always be confident, being open to love again, and to expand your circle.  It’s ok for a woman to approach a man.  While I’ve heard that numerous times in the past, that’s not something I suscribe to on a regular basis.  Am I confident?  Absolutely.  But will I be the aggressor and approach a man?  Not often.  But kudos to the ladies that do.  One thing that I think resonated with the crowd was Paul stating you will love again.  We shouldn’t let past break-ups and heartaches affect our ability to not be interested in relationships anymore.   And while every man or woman you meet may not be the love of your life, they may know the person who is.  IMHO, we shouldn’t always be on the prowl when we go out.  Set out to have a great time.  That’s what people are attracted to-whether they want to date you or just be your friend.

The great thing about Paul is that he’s warm and personable, even when he’s on stage talking to over 150 people.  And he never forgets a face.  After first meeting almost two years ago (and having that be the last time we saw one another), we were able to have great dialogue after the main event as if we talked on a regular basis.  I honestly believe that anyone who attends “It’s Complicated LIVE!” can get a lot out of the discussion.

To see when Paul will be in your city, visit his site here.  And another great thing about attending the event, is that with your ticket purchase, you get a copy of his book, which will be released on October 11!  And to my DMV folks that weren’t able to attend last week, don’t worry.  “It’s Complicated LIVE!” will be in Baltimore on September 25.  Yes, it’s a little hike from the District, but you will be so glad that you went.  And to my Chicago and Atlanta readers, Paul is hitting your cities this week!

Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl… in the city!

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