I Need to Step My Game Up

Forgive me; it’s been a while since I have posted.  I’ve been busy, but that’s really no reason to neglect you all.  Plus, I love writing.  I’ve just been worn out. In any event, I’ll go on with what this post is related to.  And if you guessed dating, you would be correct. (I mean, do I really talk about anything else??? :))

I make it no secret that I’m ready to be in a relationship.  Or at the very least have a steady date each weekend and some arm candy on special occasions.  Thought I had that/was working towards it, but that has fizzled out.  A few weeks back, I attended a happy hour sponsored by a local non-profit.  If I may say so myself, I was looking good.  I was sporting my new ‘do, my face was flawless, and my dress was cute.  And yes, I had on flat sandals.  And if you know me, you know I HATE wearing heels.  (Which is actually a new development since I moved to DC.  Before when I would go out, I would ALWAYS have a pair…anyway, I digress…)  Although everyone commented on how nice I looked, one comment stood out.  An acquaintance, whom I have known since I was a freshman at FAMU, stated, “I know you’re trying to catch a man; you need to have some heels on.”  I waved him off.  Not only because I didn’t agree with his comment, but because what does he know?  (And how did I know I was ready to be found? -My Bible readers and Christians will get that.-)

Later on in the week, I spoke with a new acquaintance.  He’s attractive.  Nice height, intelligent, and not bad to look at.  Since I’m nosy, and was fishing for information, I asked him if he was dating anyone.  He said, “No.”  So I offered to play matchmaker.  -Pause-  I did this to find out what type of woman he’s attracted to.  Unfortunately for him, the two ladies that he had his eye on at the happy hour aren’t available.  Both are my friends; one is a newlywed and the other is apparently a lesbian. (Yeah, I was shocked to find that out at the happy hour, and that’s definitely a post for another day.)  While both women are attractive, they look nothing, I mean NOTHING, alike.  When he was discussing my newlywed friend, he described her as “Claire Huxtable”.  The one main thing I remember about her that evening was that she had on heels. 

So, I say…well, type, all this to say, maybe my fellow Rattler was right.  Maybe I should go back to wearing my heels.  And as much as I’ve been a proponent of being a happy with my current size, I’m working out and eating right.  As some interviewees mentioned in their response during my “Weight and Dating” series, when health becomes an issue, you have to start taking care of yourself.  I’m fine (don’t worry), but my doctor strongly advised (i.e. gave me an eating plan) that I start eating right and exercising.  So far, I’ve been very disciplined and plan to make a lifestyle change. 

So, am I naive enough to think that losing 50 pounds and growing 3 inches when I go out is going to attract my husband-to-be?  Absolutely not.  But it couldn’t hurt.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern Girl…in the city!

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