Benevole Hosts Walk-A-Mile 2 in Atlanta

So, I’m a HORRIBLE person for not sharing this with you guys earlier!  Benevole, an organization near and dear to my heart for multiple reasons, is hosting its 2nd fundraiser in Atlanta this weekend.  Your favorite Southerner girl will be back in the “real” South this weekend! 🙂  And Southern Mom is coming down!  For those of you in the “A”, I truly hope you all will purchase a ticket and support Families First, one of Atlanta’s oldest non-profits.  All proceeds (yes, 100% of ticket sales) go straight to Families First!  How many non-profits do you know of can say that?!?!  Anywho, read the press release, and go to the website and buy your ticket!  I look forward to seeing ALL of you on Saturday!

Contact: LaToya Grant                                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



Atlanta, GA (May 1, 2012)

Join Washington, DC based  Benevole, Inc. as it host its 2nd Walk-a-Mile in  Someone’s Shoes (Walk-A-Mile 2) Fundraiser and Cocktail Social on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at the AtlantaPerimeter Hotel & Suites from 7-11 pm with a preceding VIP reception for sponsors. The donation per person is $25, and the evening includes heavy hors d’oeuvre and an open bar. In keeping true with the organization’s mission of supporting existing non-profits, proceeds from this event will go to Families First, a non-profit in the Metro Atlanta area that has been in existence for over 120 years. Families First, originally an orphanage for homeless girls, has continued to evolve with each decade to respond to the changing needs of family. Today, Families First provides solutions to over 40,000 Georgia residents; these children and families face some of life’s greatest challenges. Benevole CEO and co-founder, George L. Slaughter, stated that he hopes “to raise both awareness and funds for this great non-profit” and “desires to become the bridge between the benefactor and the beneficiary”. Slaughter and co-founder Jason Smith* created Benevole to advance human rights by meeting immediate needs and building lasting partnerships with community organizations operating on the front-lines. Benevole has three pillars on which it focuses – education, health, and hunger. Tickets can be purchased online at and must be secured no later than June 9, 2012. High heel shoes are mandatory for men and women. No photography will be allowed. Those seeking to make donations may to do so by visiting the website above and clicking on the donation link.

For free food and an open bar, you can’t beat $25… #IJS  And you’ll feel good on the inside.  Not just because you have a full belly and you’re relaxed-but because you were selfless, looked outside of yourself, and gave back to those who have a little less than you.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

*Name has been changed.

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