Southern Girl Movie Review – Dark Shadows

A few weeks back, my mom received some movie passes to a theater in My Hometown, SC and decided she wanted to take me with her.  Since I was coming home for Memorial Day weekend, she wanted to use them then.  She also wanted to see “Think Like a Man”.  I told her this particular theater probably would not be playing that movie by the time I came home, but she was adamant about waiting.  Well, I was right.  So she and I decided to see “Dark Shadows”.  I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp together, and my mom loved the original show when she was growing up.  Not to mention, we used to watch the mini-series together when I was little.  So we decided to make a date of it on Memorial Day.  And my aunt came along.  Sad to say, this movie left a lot to be desired…like A LOT…

The film was so bad Southern Mom AND Southern Aunt walked out on it.  Southern Aunt walked out first; my mom left about 10 minutes after she did.  My aunt was expecting it to be scary like the original series.  My mom was expecting it to be a little less…sexual (really it was just one scene that made her leave).  I was just expecting a well-written film. 

I never thought I would say this about a Tim Burton film, but this movie was boring.  Like I started to drift off to sleep boring.  There’s not just one thing that I can tell you about this film that made it so bad.  It was the whole thing.  The end was ridiculous.  Some things in the plot could have been better executed. 

I apologized to Southern Mom when she came back to get me (I mean, I did want to see how the stupid thing ended) for picking this movie and wasting her passes.  She was very gracious and said it wasn’t my fault and that it was ok.  So, if you’re thinking about seeing it…don’t.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

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