Maybe It’s Me

I can admit that I want to be in a relationship.  Being single is slightly overrated. I can also admit sometimes I come off a little too strong…maybe eager…when it comes to the opposite sex. And by eager, I mean accommodating-in the sense of losing a little bit of myself and compromising when I’m not getting compromise in return.

So, I could easily blame the guys I meet and put the blame on them, but what’s the common denominator? Me.  I know there are things in my actions that I will have to change in order to attract the right man.  But where do I start? With prayer.  I know I rarely talk about my faith, but if I want a Godly man I need do the right things to attract HIM to ME. 

I definitely won’t rush the process.  Everything happens in His time, not ours.  If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that we make plans and God laughs.  And you may ask, “How do I know I’m meant to be in a relationship and eventually married?”  For the Bible tells me so; God didn’t intend for man to be single.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl
…in the city!


  1. I can understand where you’re coming from. I was a city gal who moved to the South (St Augustine, FL). I had spent a decade down here, single, before I finally gave up. The conversation I had was: “I will never find someone for me down here. They’re not my type.”

    A month or so later, I met my man. He has been in my life for almost 2 years now. It’s amazing that once you’ve given up looking, something comes along and slaps you in the face. It feels right, it works right, and no matter what you feel now, it’s worth it to have that unconditional love of your partner down the road. Keep looking, but rest assured that you might not find anyone until you give up.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for your comment! Actually, I think 2blu2btru hit the nail on the head. I’m not going to actively seek relationships; I’m going to work on myself so when I’m approached, I’ll be ready. And it’s funny because just this past weekend, I was approached and we had our first date last night. But it’s still early. Right now I’m enjoying myself-no pressure and no pretense.

  2. Being prepared to be in a relationship is tough work! Then you have to grow in the relationship and cement the relationship. It’s hard to know if it’s worth it. But if you focus on God and His commandments…all these things will be added unto you…including a husband. We have to be willing seek God first and let go of trying to make Him give us who and what we think we want. Praying that it all works together for good for you, sis.!

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