It’s Not Always About Me…(Birthday Edition)

Well, it IS…but you know, I have to be nice and unselfish and all that sometimes… 🙂  (Kidding!)

If you can’t tell, I love birthdays.  Well, of course I love my own, but I also love celebrating other people’s birthdays.  I remember everybody’s birthday AND how old they are.  And I have no problem reminding people just how old they’re getting.  So much so, Southern Dad calls me by his cousin’s name who remembers just how old everyone is. 

When my uncle turned 40, I wanted to throw him a surprise party (I was almost 10; his birthday is April 4).  So I told my mom, and we were able to gather up all of our family members and get them in on the surprise, too.  My mom told my uncle we wanted to invite him over for dinner (I think), and boy was he surprised when he walked through our front door!  We had decorated the house with black balloons that were akin to “Over the Hill” and other black and white balloons and streamers signifying just how old he was getting. 🙂 

Southern Mom’s birthday is in August, and for once, since I went to college, I was going to be home on her birthday.  So I wanted to surprise her with a dinner out a nice Chinese restaurant in my hometown.  Once again, I was able to get our whole family in on it.  I reserved a private dining room, ordered a cake from Publix (I love that place), and ordered balloons.  The plan was for my mom to hang out with my aunt that Saturdayafternoon, I pick up everything, then the 3 of us meet up for dinner.  Yeah, Southern Mom wasn’t having that.  She missed her baby and wanted to spend time with me….ok, time to re-strategize.  So very discreetly in my grandmother’s living room, my aunt and I decided SHE would pick up the cake and balloons and meet us at the restaurant.  I asked my family to get there early, as I wanted my mom to be totally surprised…and she was!!! (Mission accomplished!)  (Even though one of my cousins was a little tardy and pulled up when we did.)  My mom was very grateful, and she enjoyed herself. 

Birthdays are definitely a time of celebration, fun, family, and friends!  Have you ever had a suprise birthday party? Or did you throw a bash for a loved one?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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