Who Am I Kidding?

In an effort to up the male population at my birthday party next week (YIKES!), I’ve taken to communicating with some guys that I haven’t spoken to in months.  Guys who are nice (in their own right), but nothing really popped off, there were no sparks, etc. 

Well, a simple conversation that started off with inviting one guy (I’ve mentioned him here-the one I met in ATL- and here) to brunch on my birthday, it ended in a TOTALLY different realm.  I will not go into too much detail (Southern Mom reads this blog), but I will say that he and I flirted incessantly and had a conversation that I don’t have with too many people…really with anyone.  We had a discussion about taking our relationship in a different direction.  His eyes were opened (I think I totally shocked him-and myself), and I have to admit I learned some interesting things about him. 

But I need to be honest with myself, this conversation is absolutely going NOWHERE.  I totally thought I would move my life in a different direction than I initially intended for it to go, but that’s not happening with ol’ boy; although he’s attractive, intelligent, witty, and has a lot going for him, we want different things. 

And since I’m doing the 31 Day Reset, there’s no reason why I should be moving backward, in any aspect of my life.  So, while it’s always nice to have somebody yummy to look at and have around, it’s not worth your morals, ethics, or beliefs.  It was fun, though, while it lasted.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

P.S. Oh, did I mention it’s Birthday Month?!?! 🙂

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