30 in 30

Well, it’s almost here… the time in my life that has been dubbed the “Flirty 30’s” (thanks to a conversation I had with a friend that will be coming to the District next month to help me celebrate)!!  I mean, who wants to be dirty??? (As in “Dirty 30’s…)  I must admit I am excited about this birthday, a birthday that this time last year I was semi-dreading.  I had decided I wasn’t going to do anything for my 30th birthday, which is weird because I’ve celebrated my birthday every year since turning 21.  So once I got outside of my own head and decided every birthday is a celebration of another year of life, I decided to plan accordingly. 

The beginning of 2012 has brought a number of ups and downs in my life so far.  Professionally, I could not ask for a better job, team to work with, and company to work for.  Last weekend, I attended the wedding of a soror that I was (indirectly) responsible for (I mean, I did invite the bride to the party where she met the groom!).  Sadly, I lost one of my favorite uncles earlier this week.  While he’s no longer here on Earth, I am happy he is in heaven and is no longer suffering.  The amazing thing about being alive is experiencing LIFE, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the pretty and the ugly. 

And I’m beginning to think Southern Mom and my “Auntie” Madeline have been chit-chatting.  Within the last 24 hours, they’ve both mentioned marriage and/or babies.  -___-  Yeah, whatever.  I don’t need all this pressure and all this worrying; I think they just want some little Elle’s running around. 

So, I will enjoy this last month in my 20’s.  I refuse to worry.  I’m just going to live my life and have fun.  I will continue to enjoy the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the pretty and the ugly.  Until the next time, I’m just a Southern girl… in the city!

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