Making a Schedule

Now that I have more time to myself (minus my daily commute to and from work), I’m on this kick to construct a weekly daily schedule that includes time for work, the gym, and having fun.  My main problem is hitting up the gym.  The ideal situation would be to go in the morning, especially since the gym is less than 5 miles from my house.  Due to my community activities, and the occasional happy hours that my friends invite me to, I need to motivate myself to get up at 5 am and head out the door; hopefull that will start tomorrow, though I do plan on going to the gym after work tonight. 

We all must come up with schedules though-single people, married people, parents, CEOs, entrepreneurs.  And even the best laid schedules sometimes go awry, due to circumstances beyond our control.  So, let’s all say a prayer that I can begin my morning gym routine this week and continue on throughout this year.  And for those of you that read my earlier blog about Southern Mom losing weight before me and looking better than me for my 30th…well, let’s just say that she will soon be shopping for a new wadrobe.  YAY for her-BOO for me!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern Girl…in the city!

PS And for those of you wondering, the new job is great! 🙂

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