LiV for Trayvon


The LIV for Trayvon Benefit Concert is this Sunday April 1st at Liv on U Street

Time: 7PM – Until

Live Performances By: Black Alley, Alison Carney, Garvey the Chosen One, Greenspan, DeAngelo Redman, Obii Say, Tony Touch & Others (if you know any other possible interested acts please tell them to contact Candice Nicole

Hosted By: Black Boo Brother Victorious

Special Guest Speaker: Mr. Tony Lewis Jr.

Music By: DJ Schemes

$10 Donation for Entry To Donate , CLICK HERE

Organizers of Liv for Trayvon will give 100% of Proceeds to Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin’s Mother) via 240 N. Magnolia Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32301.

Please spread the word through your networks!

Facebook or Tweet: #LiVForTrayvon SUNDAY April 1st @LivNightclub | Live Performances + Spoken Word #TrayvonMartin

I’m Gonna Do It

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of speaking with an old co-worker.  He asked me if I was living in my purpose.  I said, “Yes! Well…I’m much happier now than I have been in a while.”  For anyone that knows me, you know I would LOVE to be a writer full-time, or least make money writing and doing communications work in some fashion.  I can say that I honestly love my job and my company, but it would be great to also earn a little extra change from freelancing. 🙂 

I follow @happyblackwoman on Twitter, and I have even had the pleasure of meeting Rosetta Thurman in person (not sure if she remembers, though).  She’s always so full of life and positivity.  I took one of her challenges when I began blogging.  (Remember #BloggingforBranding???)  I thoroughly enjoyed that challenge, and I am going to take her newest challenge, “31 Days to Reset Your Life”. 

Thirty is right around the corner, and while I have thought about the next steps I would like to take in my life, I haven’t sat down and really made a map.  (Yes, I need to expound on my vision board.) 

So, I will be embarking on Rosetta’s challenge.  My plan is to start this Sunday, on April 1.  As requested, I will be blogging about my experiences and revelations.  I may not be able to post them as often as I would like…but I’ll try! 🙂  If you’re interested in joining the challenge, visit Rosetta’s site here.

I feel like I’m beginning to come into my own as a woman (even though sometimes I feel like that little girl sitting in my mother’s living room watching “Blossom”).   Anything I can do to honestly help me become a better person, I’m all for it.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Blame the Victim

People have been known to blame victims of date rape.  Others have said that the victim of a car or home burgarly are to blame.  And now, a few folks have taken to blaming Trayvon for his own murder.  If you’re an American and haven’t heard about Trayvon Martin, you obviously live under a rock.  In an effort to de-humanize Trayvon and justify George Zimmerman’s actions, reports are now coming out saying that Trayvon had been suspended from school for having a baggie that had drug residue.  And Geraldo Rivera commented that Trayvon’s hoodie is as much to blame for his death as George Zimmerman. *blank stare*

Just so we’re clear, folks, let’s state the obvious-George Zimmerman, riding around his neighborhood, spotted a young boy.  He called the police and reported a “suspicious person”.  Even after the 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow the young man, he did anyway.  Not only did he follow him, he exited his car, with a gun, and approached this “suspicious person”.  No one, besides Trayvon and George, know what happened next, but we do know that the end result was a 17 year old kid who lost his life.

Let’s try to imagine things from Trayvon’s perspective-he’s a 17 year old CHILD.  And if his parents were like mine and most others, they probably told him to be weary of/don’t talk to strangers.  And this man who’s following him and eventually approaches him, is a stranger.  Honestly, I’m almost 30 years old and still give people the side-eye who approach me and I don’t know who they are.  But I digress…A stranger approaches you and asks you what you’re doing in the neighborhood.  Now, if he’s like most teenage boys, he might be feeling himself and give a smart remark.  Or, if he’s a little more mannerable, he might answer with a little more respect.  But if we want to be honest, Trayvon does not owe this man anything.  He’s not an officer, and he’s not an official- he’s an overzealous neighborhood watch captain.  IMHO, anyone who exits his car with a firearm is looking for trouble.  And I honestly believe that even if Trayvon told George he was visiting his father and his girlfriend, it would not have mattered. 

Now, for you people that seem to think this is only about race, it’s not.  The fact of the matter is that this unarmed boy was shot and killed (murdered, if you will), and his killer walks free.  In fact, his killer was never arrested.  It appears that the police department is serving double duty and has done the job of the attorneys.  Just so we’re clear on how this works, the police normally take the shooter in (ESPECIALLY if they have confessed), question them, then book them.  It’s up to the DA or prosecutor to decide if they want to take this to trial.  And honestly, because this man has still, one month and one day after this shooting occured, not been arrested, tensions are high and the family (along with the world) want answers…and more importantly an arrest. 

To those of you that ask what justice is, I’ll tell you- Justice, in this case, is for George Zimmerman to be arrested and charged with the murder of Trayvon Martin.  He can either plead guilty or plead innocent and go to trial and let a jury of his peers decide his fate. 

I’ve said all I will for now.  But please don’t doubt for a second that this is the last time you’ll hear about Trayvon on this blog; I can guarantee you it won’t be.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Product of My Environment

Growing up in South Carolina and even while living in Florida, I felt like I was in my element.  For the most part, my friends and I had similar experiences, and I believed I could relate to them.  I’ve never been big on (fashion) labels. but every now and then I would splurge on something for myself.  In high school, I bought a sweater (that all my classmates had) from Abercrombie and Fitch with money I made from my part-time job.  I even bought some Tommy Hilfiger stuff (you know, before the whole racism issue).  While living in the Sunshine State, I purchased a clutch from the Coach store as a Christmas gift to myself one year.  And the good thing is that my friends weren’t my friends because of what we had, it’s because we were good people and genuinely liked each other.  

Even when I was in school at FAMU, you definitely had your fashionistas and people who only wore name brand products (and had to let you know), but once again, I flocked to people who were like me and I believe I attracted people who were genuine and didn’t care about who you wore.  We cared about who the person was that we were befriending.   

Fast forward to my life in DC.  While I have met some AMAZING people, I can’t help but notice how the culture is full of people who have things.  And so there’s no misunderstanding, I totally support people having items that they can afford.  And I believe that my friends have no problem paying for what they possess.  At times, I feel like I don’t measure up.  Yes, I’ve struggled financially in the recent past (which is understandable), but I know the day will come when I can get the things I want and not have to worry about how much it costs; I just have to pay my dues.  I will admit it is hard when I have to watch every penny or can’t do something because it’s not in the budget.

And I don’t want you all to think I’m materialistic. 🙂  I also have a concern when it comes to education.  Most of my friends have advanced degrees.  And sometimes I feel inadequate with just having a Bachelors.  Due to my new employment and my wanting to be with this employer for a while, I’ve been actively researching MBA programs.  I have no desire to compete with my friends but to become as well-versed as I can about the industry in which I work. 

So, for any of you that are struggling with your current lot in life, know that it’s just a growing pain you have to go through.  It’s only temporary, and once you complete it, your reward will be great.  And don’t worry-I’m reiterating that to myself, too.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

30 in 30

Well, it’s almost here… the time in my life that has been dubbed the “Flirty 30’s” (thanks to a conversation I had with a friend that will be coming to the District next month to help me celebrate)!!  I mean, who wants to be dirty??? (As in “Dirty 30’s…)  I must admit I am excited about this birthday, a birthday that this time last year I was semi-dreading.  I had decided I wasn’t going to do anything for my 30th birthday, which is weird because I’ve celebrated my birthday every year since turning 21.  So once I got outside of my own head and decided every birthday is a celebration of another year of life, I decided to plan accordingly. 

The beginning of 2012 has brought a number of ups and downs in my life so far.  Professionally, I could not ask for a better job, team to work with, and company to work for.  Last weekend, I attended the wedding of a soror that I was (indirectly) responsible for (I mean, I did invite the bride to the party where she met the groom!).  Sadly, I lost one of my favorite uncles earlier this week.  While he’s no longer here on Earth, I am happy he is in heaven and is no longer suffering.  The amazing thing about being alive is experiencing LIFE, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the pretty and the ugly. 

And I’m beginning to think Southern Mom and my “Auntie” Madeline have been chit-chatting.  Within the last 24 hours, they’ve both mentioned marriage and/or babies.  -___-  Yeah, whatever.  I don’t need all this pressure and all this worrying; I think they just want some little Elle’s running around. 

So, I will enjoy this last month in my 20’s.  I refuse to worry.  I’m just going to live my life and have fun.  I will continue to enjoy the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the pretty and the ugly.  Until the next time, I’m just a Southern girl… in the city!