Never Settle…

When it comes to relationships, I want to be courted.  And according to Wikipedia, which is one of my favorite sites, “Courtship may include the couple going out together in public, (often known as dating), for a meal, movie, dance, sports or other social activity. Courtship may also involve private activities which usually include much talking together, perhaps by telephone or by electronic means such as text messages or e-mail. There is often exchange of letters, gifts, flowers and songs.”  Notice how courting encompasses many aspects and not just one.

I sometimes think I’m asking for too much.  I think that the man that I seek doesn’t exist….or does he.  I spoke with my best (guy) friend, TyAnthony, last week about my dilemma and how I thought I would never meet the man who still believes in courtship, at least not someone within my age group, and contemplated giving up on ever finding him (or actually him finding me).  Ty told me to not think that way.  And to let me know that he is out there and does exist; I just have to be patient.

So, I’m telling you all, if you have a goal or a dream or anything that you want to do in life, never give up and don’t settle.  I guess I should take my own advice, because I am a living witness and testimony.  As you know, I lost my job last July.  I was blessed to find temporary employment in December, but money was still tight.  I don’t believe in resolutions, so I made some goals in 2012.  I wanted to have a full-time job by the time my 30th birthday rolled around.  And not only did I want a full-time job, I wanted to be in a position where I didn’t HAVE to work a part-time job anymore.  I’m happy to say that I received that job and set to start on Monday.  I believe this is a prime example of never settling in life.  If there’s something you want in life, keep reaching for your goal.  Never give up, and never settle.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!