Tales from a Job Hunter

First, let me say that I have some of the BEST friends in the world!!!  Even in this state that I am in, they check on me, make sure I don’t get discouraged, and make sure I don’t sulk and suffer from self-pity. 🙂 

After talking with one of my favorites last night, @AGinDC, I have decided to share a little more with you guys about what’s been going on in my life in the past few months in hopes of sharing my story and letting others who are in my same position know that you are not alone.   So, here we go…

As most of you know, if you’re an avid reader, I have been without a full-time job for about 2 months.  My job ended, through no fault of my own, and I’ve been job hunting like a mad woman.  I do have to admit I am VERY thankful for my part-time job as it has helped me maintain while my unemployment payout has not been consistent (long story).   I have applied to multiple jobs each week and have gone on countless interviews.  The good thing is that I don’t discourage easily, and I don’t give up, despite the fact I’ve gone on some BS interviews. 

When you’re job hunting, you have to be really careful.  I’ve thought about “switching careers” during this time, in the sense of doing sales or becoming an account executive.  They promise high earning potential and fast advancement.  What I discovered is that your paycheck is dependent upon how many people you can get to “sign up” or “buy” whatever you’re selling.  And these hiring managers will make you believe that your paycheck is a reflection of how hard you work.  If I visit 20 businesses or people in a day and only 3 bite, that’s good to them.  But I have to travel to theses places, get told “no” way too many times to count, and keep a positive attitude.  No offense to anyone who does that, but that’s not enough of a reward for me. 

During this search, I have come to realize that I like stability; in fact, I crave it.  I like to know that every 2 weeks, I know what I’m getting paid (translation: base salary).  I also like a stable work setting, whether it’s in an office, a cubicle, or whatever.  And Southern Mom gave me some great advice as well.  If you know you have no desire to do the job (whether it’s sales, travelling, or even sitting in an office), don’t go on the interview; you’re just wasting your time and the interviewer’s.  Lastly, it pays to be positive.  Oh, and the good news so far this week?  I’ve gotten 2 callbacks from jobs I applied to yesterday (both calls came in yesterday, too). 🙂  Until the next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!


  1. I lost my full-time job a month ago and considering how I felt about the job, it was best for my mental happiness (maybe not for my financial well-being, but thank God for unemployment, temporarily). With that being said, I COMPLETELY agree with Southern Mom. In fact, as I approach 30, I have made a vow to myself to NEVER work another job that I hate. That job (that I most recently lost) taught me a very important lesson: I have TOO much personality to sit behind a computer all day in a boring office. I’m avoiding such jobs at ALL costs. GOOD LUCK!

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