Official Launch of Alter Ego Heels

Ladies, if you’re like me, you always know the places to see and be seen in your city.  Sometimes, you may even venture out to an event or two to see who’s out, who’s new, who’s old, and to make sure that you’re still on everyone’s radar.  So, for your next event, you definitely want to have a pair of Alter Ego Heels on your feet!  This luxury shoe line has multiple styles that will fit any ensemble.  I had a chance to chat with creator, Dee Baker. 

What inspired you to create Alter Ego Heels?

Alter Ego Heels™ was created out of a need for personal transformation in the form of sky high stilettos and chic sophistication.  For the Alter Ego woman, her heels are a part of her bold personality.  Until very recent years, it was almost impossible to find a sexy shoe on a heel higher than 3”.  Most times it would require browsing 4-5 retailers before finding that first pair.  There was a void to be filled, and Alter Ego Heels™ heard the call.  Alter Ego Heels™ was created to supply that need for escape from the everyday and help women find their inner Femme Fatale.

Are you the sole designer?

Yes, I am the sole designer.  I hand sketch every shoe design and select every material and color.  If it’s a hit, I take the credit.  If it’s a flop, I get that credit as well.  LOL.  I have no formal fashion or design education or experience.  I just design from my heart.  I think about what makes me as a woman feel sexy and confident and I translate that into a beautiful stiletto.

Besides online, where else can consumers find your product?

Alter Ego Heels™ main collections will soon be available in specialty boutiques across the US, and Limited Editions will continue to be exclusive on

Is this your first entrepreneur endeavor?

Yes, this is my first hand at entrepreneurship.  I had never even considered starting my own business, mainly because I had no idea what it would be.  I followed the cycle of most of my generation.   I got a college degree… so that I could land a stable job…. so that I could earn a 401K and pension….so that I could retire when the government gave me permission to.  Then after 6 years in college, 2 degrees, a monthly financial aid debt, and 8 years on that stable job with no ambition for advancement I asked myself one question, “Security or passion?”  Without hesitation, I knew right then what I was about to do.  My first step to Alter Ego Heels™ was taken right there in my cubicle.

What can consumers expect for the upcoming Fall season?

Timeless designs with sass, edge, and confidence.  Skinny heels no lower than 4.5 inches, sexy platforms, and plenty of toe cleavage.  Let’s not forget enough padding to rival the best padded bra.

How do you stay competitive? What makes you different from other shoe brands?

Of course now there are a host of designers out there that have raised their heels and glammed up their designs.  But Alter Ego Heels™ doesn’t follow trends.   We marry classic shoe designs with boldness and attitude at a price point that is affordable yet lends to a level of exclusive luxury.

What’s the average price for a pair of Alter Ego Heels stilettos?

Alter Ego Heels™ is an aspirational niche brand, or what is commonly referred to as an entry-level luxury brand.  Our average price point range is $195 USD – $399 USD. The Alter Ego woman is very discriminatory when it comes to brand loyalty and appreciates a level of exclusivity that won’t make her feel guilty afterwards.

Where do you see Alter Ego Heels in the next 5-10 years?

Everywhere.  (smiles)  Our objective is for Alter Ego Heels™ to become synonymous with stiletto fabulousness.  Gracing the pages of every fashion industry “bible” and the shelves of every premier retailer, sitting right there amongst today’s shoe royalty.  We want to be the staple accessory in the closet of every fashion queen.

What else would you like to share?

Women should constantly be reinventing themselves through their personal style.   That is one of our gifts, one of our weapons. We have the power to transform into a new you and make people fall in love with you all over again.  That’s why the brand’s mantra is to Step Into Your You.  Showcase the many layers to your person.  Have fun with them.  They are what make you exciting.

I want to thank Dee for allowing me to interview her.  The official website launch is TODAY!  Make sure you look at the fabolous designs and purchase yourself a pair; and guys, you can get a pair for the special lady in your life-she’ll love you for it! 

Alter Ego Heels can be found on the web at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at

Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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