“Sperm Donor” and Other Revelations

Earlier this week, the Style Network premiered the new show “Sperm Donor”, which follows a man who donated sperm, one of the women who chose his sperm, and two young girls who have the same biological father.  While I’m very happy that the two sisters found each other, this post is going to focus more on the donor we know of, Ben, the mother of two of his children, Sharon, and my own thoughts about sperm donation.

While in law school, Ben donated sperm for some extra cash.  He is now engaged and has discovered he has 74 (yes, the number is correct) children.  Understandably, his fiancee was concerned.  The mother of 2 of his children has come forward, and she’s concerned that more will be reaching out.  He thinks she’s worried for nothing; but he did tell her on their 3rd date that he was a sperm donor and has “children” in the world.  Now Sharon’s dilemma is a little more difficult.  She has to explain to her oldest, her daughter, that Ben and Mommy were never together and that he’s engaged to another woman.  As most children do, Sharon’s daughter has concocted this fantasy that Mommy and “Daddy” will be reunited, get married, and live happily ever after.  But what’s a 7 year old to think?  I have to admit, there were times growing up when I wanted Southern Mom and Southern Dad to get back together.  It wasn’t until I was 10 or 11 that I realized that wasn’t going to happen.  Sharon was able to get through to her daughter to make her realize that Ben wasn’t going to marry her.  They had a great meeting and have decided to keep in touch.

To my VERY close friends, I have mentioned that if I am not married or in a serious relationship by the time I’m 40 (up from the close age of 35), I will get artificially inseminated.  The show “Sperm Donor” has brought my worst fea rs to life.  What happens if I go to a sperm bank, pick a man that is “highly desirable”, and find out 50 other women picked his sperm, too?  And I don’t know too much about the whole sperm donation thing, but I thought that everything was supposed to be anonymous?  But I guess with this new sperm donor website, where you can find a man based on his donor number, nothing is a mystery anymore. 

So, my thoughts on the show and sperm donation in general?  I definitely think that sperm donation is a great thing for women who want their own children or for couples who cannot conceive naturally.   However, I definitely think there should be a limit on how many children a man “fathers”.  And I thought the whole point of using an anonymous sperm donor was to say “anonymous”…  I have to admit I was afraid of the whole picking a random dude based on a list of things.  I’m kinda re-thinking this whole sperm donor thing.  Hopefully, I won’t have to make this decision, because I know it can be a hard one.   If you saw the show, what did you think?  Or what are your thoughts on sperm donation in general?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Benevole Celebrates One Year of Service


Contact: LaToya Grant                                                                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

E-mail: latoya.grant@benevoleinc.org



Washington, DC (September 9, 2011) – Join Washington, DC based Benevole, Inc. as it celebrates one year of service on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at Ping Pong Dim Sum, located at One Dupont Circle, from 7:01 pm until 10:31 pm.  Attendees will be able to meet the Benevole team, learn more about the organization, and discover how to become involved.  Event goers can anticipate a fun and eventful evening, complete with mingling with other professionals in the DC area who are concerned about the issues important to the Benevole family, including hunger, homelessness, and health, and discussing various means of addressing these issues, and finding out about Benevole’s upcoming events in early 2012 .   The event is free, but donations will be accepted.  For more information about Benevole, Inc., visit them on the web at www.benevoleinc.org or e-mail latoya.grant@benevoleinc.org.

# # #

Benevole, Inc.’s mission is to advance human rights by meeting immediate needs and building lasting partnerships with community organizations operating on the front-lines.   The vision is enacted with an understanding of the inter-relationships between the various issues Benevole addresses and by a commitment to working in partnership with organizations at the local and regional levels who share the organization’s goals.

Tales from a Job Hunter

First, let me say that I have some of the BEST friends in the world!!!  Even in this state that I am in, they check on me, make sure I don’t get discouraged, and make sure I don’t sulk and suffer from self-pity. 🙂 

After talking with one of my favorites last night, @AGinDC, I have decided to share a little more with you guys about what’s been going on in my life in the past few months in hopes of sharing my story and letting others who are in my same position know that you are not alone.   So, here we go…

As most of you know, if you’re an avid reader, I have been without a full-time job for about 2 months.  My job ended, through no fault of my own, and I’ve been job hunting like a mad woman.  I do have to admit I am VERY thankful for my part-time job as it has helped me maintain while my unemployment payout has not been consistent (long story).   I have applied to multiple jobs each week and have gone on countless interviews.  The good thing is that I don’t discourage easily, and I don’t give up, despite the fact I’ve gone on some BS interviews. 

When you’re job hunting, you have to be really careful.  I’ve thought about “switching careers” during this time, in the sense of doing sales or becoming an account executive.  They promise high earning potential and fast advancement.  What I discovered is that your paycheck is dependent upon how many people you can get to “sign up” or “buy” whatever you’re selling.  And these hiring managers will make you believe that your paycheck is a reflection of how hard you work.  If I visit 20 businesses or people in a day and only 3 bite, that’s good to them.  But I have to travel to theses places, get told “no” way too many times to count, and keep a positive attitude.  No offense to anyone who does that, but that’s not enough of a reward for me. 

During this search, I have come to realize that I like stability; in fact, I crave it.  I like to know that every 2 weeks, I know what I’m getting paid (translation: base salary).  I also like a stable work setting, whether it’s in an office, a cubicle, or whatever.  And Southern Mom gave me some great advice as well.  If you know you have no desire to do the job (whether it’s sales, travelling, or even sitting in an office), don’t go on the interview; you’re just wasting your time and the interviewer’s.  Lastly, it pays to be positive.  Oh, and the good news so far this week?  I’ve gotten 2 callbacks from jobs I applied to yesterday (both calls came in yesterday, too). 🙂  Until the next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

This Week in the News

Happy Friday!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a TWITN post, but I felt like it was time to get back to my roots!

First, it seems like the Salahis will always try to shine, no matter what happens.  Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the infamous couple that crashed a White House party and appeared on the now defunct “Real Housewives of D.C.”, just won’t stay off of our television screens.  Tareq claimed Michaele was missing when she didn’t show up for a hair appointment.  Turns out, she was tipping out on her husband, hundreds of miles away in Tennessee with the guitarist of the band Journey.  Something tells me Tareq knew exactly where his wife was; he was just trying to either embarass her or get her to come home.  Unfortunately, neither one worked.  IMHO, he turned out to look like the stupid one. 

Next up, can someone PLEASE tell me why Jennifer Lopez and soon-to-be ex-hubby Marc Anthony are now doing commercials for Kohl’s???  It’s entirely crazy to me that after they split that not only do they have new clothing lines, but it’s for the same franchise.  #WDDDA  I’m utterly confused by these series of events, but whatever…

September means the start of new shows and season premieres of some of our favorites.  I was able to catch the premiere of “Ringer”, the show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was VERY impressed with the show.  Some things were a little cliche, but for the most part, I enjoyed it.  I can’t wait for “Grey’s Anatomy” to premiere on Thursday.  And I missed “America’s Next Top Model”, but actually I’m thinking it’s a show of a bunch of people who didn’t win.  And some of these women are old (according to the modeling industry) so how successful can they be???

In young folks’ news, I have NO clue what is going on at our colleges and universities.  Sadly, just last week at my alma mater, women’s baskbetball player Shannon Williams  was stabbed in the neck by her girlfriend who was in Tallahassee visiting and pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital.  And last night, 18 year old DC native Dominique Frazier was stabbed and killed by her roommate, whose name was just released at 11 am (as I’m writing this post).  The stabbing occurred in their dorm around 8 pm.  The suspect, Alexis Simpson, turned herself in around midnight.  She was charged with first degree murder, second degree murder, and first degree assault.  She is from District Heights, MD.  This news absolutely breaks my heart.  Controlling our rage is apparently something that we must teach our girls, so when they become young women, they don’t overreact and resort to violence.  My prayers are with both victims’ families.  And the families of the suspects. 

So, that’s all I have for today.  I am kinda geeked about going to see Musiq Soulchild at The Park tonight (thank my friend Lola for convincing me to go; our friend Kells is going, too!)  Enjoy your weekend, and until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!