The Growing Empire that is “Basketball Wives”

It seems like everybody and their mama (or their baby’s mama) is showing up on the growing franchise that is “Basketball Wives”.  Shaunie O’Neal and Shed Media hit a reality tv gold mine with the creation of this show.  And if you’re  a reality tv junkie like me, I’m sure you watched “Basketball Wives: LA” this past Monday.  The one good thing I can say about this show is that it has a one uppance on its predecessor-more of the women are wives or actually involved with a current NBA player.  These chicks in Miami have been “formerly linked to (insert name of a retired player)”.  But, just like their cohorts in the F-L-A, these women love to fight.  For an educated woman, Laura Govan, former fiancee’ and baby mama of 4 to Gilbert Arenas, is slick at the mouth and is quick to fight.  And Compton born and bred Malaysia is not one to back down.

In any event, is this what we have been reduced to as Black women?  Bitter exes who will do whatever it takes to be on television to get a few bucks?  I guess I can’t knock Shaunie’s hustle, but I can say that these women give others a bad name.  I’m no expert, but I’m sure not all NBA girlfriends and wives behave the way these women do and these women are the exception, not the rule.  But I have to wonder how accurate I am when Allison Mathis, baby mama to Chris Bosh, is in talks to appear on the next season of BBW.  It appears that the new thing is to date/get pregnant/engaged to a baller to become famous.  It doesn’t take talent or a real work ethic to get ahead in this country, which is highly unfortunate.

So, I’m sure those of you (well, us) who tuned in this past Monday to catch the premiere of BBW: LA will tune in next week to watch the tomfoolery.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

P.S. And as much smack as Gloria talked about Shaunie, I am not surprised she turned up on the spinoff (and is turning into Shaunie’s mini-me)!

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