My 1st Earthquake and Other Tuesday Happenings

As a Southerner, born and raised, and a DC resident, I NEVER expected in a million years to experience an earthquake on this side of the country.  A hurricane, a snow storm, possibly a tornado, but NEVER was an earthquake on my radar.  So imagine my surprise when my building started to shake yesterday.  I was home, minding my own business, baking some chops, and then my house started to move…and wouldn’t stop.  The shakes were accompanied by a noise that got louder and louder.  The only casualty was a beautiful black elephant a former co-worker gave me as a gift.  😦  I loved that daggone elephant,  I just hope I can replace it.  It didn’t dawn on me that what I experienced was an earthquake until I got online and checked Twitter.  (I know, social media.)  Thankfully, there were not any human lives lost or injured.  I was very happy that I was not on a bridge.  I would have been scared out of my mind. 

So, I went to my PT job last night and was asked to sit in the Security office for a spell. “Why?” you may ask; well, I’ll tell you.  There was a young lady who was in custody for shoplifting, and they needed a woman in the office until a parent came to pick her up.  As I was trying to appear that I wasn’t paying attention, my heart broke seeing this young girl, in her school uniform, sitting on a bench with handcuffs on her.  It took everything in me to not react when I first walked in and saw what I saw.  I do have to commend the head of security as he talked to her and tried to tell her the error of her ways.  It seemed as if she was a good kid who got caught up.  Unfortunately, kids stealing (or trying to steal) for my job is nothing new, but I was happy that I was able to witness him imparting some wisdom on this young girl.  I just hope she gets it. 

Yesterday was filled with too many emotions.  After a good night’s rest, I feel much better.  And the highlight of my day yesterday?  I got called for an interview, which will be this afternoon!  So say a prayer and wish me luck!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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