Look in the Window

So, I know you may be wondering WTH I’ve been and why I haven’t been blogging.  Well, as I stated a few weeks, I’ve been going through some things and haven’t really felt up to blogging for awhile.  I really want to, especially about “Toddlers & Tiaras”, my new guilty pleasure reality show, the POTUS celebrating his 50th birthday and how he’s STILL getting disrespected, and other newsworthy things that are going on, but I have bigger fish to fry.

For those of you that do not know, which is a very small number, I am now unemployed.  And it is SO hard trying to find a job.  Thank God I have my part-time job to help sustain me, but there’s nothing like a guaranteed income every 2 weeks with benefits.  I’ve never been in this situation before, and I am scared.  I thank my friends for being in my corner and appreciating my positivity, but sometimes it is so hard to stay motivated.  Thankfully I’m interviewing with a great company, and so far, things are going great.  I had my 2nd interview, and as long as all goes well, I will have 2 more rounds until I get hired. 

This post today is to allow you to look into my life just a little bit more and to share a little bit more of me with you and to let  you know what the heck is going on.  I hope you appreciate it.  And if you know of any job leads in the DMV, I am open! 😉  Prayerfully, when I get a job, because I know it will happen, we will be back on our normal schedule, and it won’t take us long to get there!  Enjoy your weekend, and until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!