The Black Woman, Non-Black Man Thing

It seems as if most relationship experts, authors, comedians, and the like are telling Black women if they are tired of being single then they should date non-Black men. But let’s face it-non-Black men are not checking for Black women, at least not at the rate Black men are dating non-Black women.

I’m not sure what is behind the phenomenon that Black women should look outside of our race to date. Maybe it’s because Black women have the highest percentage of never being married. But what I think should be taken into account is telling non-Black men to date Black women. I’m not a reader of “GQ” magazine, but I bet there’s never been an article titled “10 Reasons to Date a Black Woman”; I’m sure there’s not an article geared towards Latino men titled “How Dating a Black Woman Will Be Beneficial for You”.

So, why aren’t there any huge campaigns geared towards non-Black men to date us? I wish I knew. But all relationships take two people to participate. And having articles in “Essence”, “Ebony”, “Honey”, or any other publication isn’t going to get Black women to date non-Black men. Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!