SuiteTalk and Summer Soul Session Vol.2 Recap

On Thursday, June 23, I had the amazing opportunity to interview rising soul and R&B singer Ife’ Thomas.  Ife’ has such a warm spirit and a great fashion sense!  If you’re an avid reader of the blog, then you remember my highlighting the event previously (go here to catch up.)  She was a pleasure to interview and was very forthcoming in her answers.  See below for our interview:

Elle: What are your next steps for Crescendo Entertainment?

Ife’: I’m so glad you asked me about that.  We’re working on a relatively new tv project, which will be a reality show.  The first show idea is for songwriters.  We would also like to produce and executive produce biographies, whether they’re on the big or small screen, or even as an independent film.  I’m continually writing songs.  I always hear new things in my “mental radio”.  I always carry a tape recorder. 

Elle: Past or present, who would you love to do a duet or trio with?

Ife’: Number one, my husband, Maxwell (Ife’ said I could quote her! ;)) I would also love to work with Javier (Colon) from “The Voice”.  For a hip-hop collaboration, it would be Talib (Kweli) and Common.  Wouldn’t that be dope???  I would also love to work with Sade; I get compared to her a lot.  Old school collaborations-Stevie Wonder and Charlie Wilson.  Those that have passed on-MJ, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Marvin Gaye would have to be my Top 3. 

Elle: If you couldn’t be a performer, what would you do?

Ife’: My dream job is a veteriarian.  I would also love to be either an attorney or a journalist.  Realistically, though, I would probably be a teacher.

Besides myself, there were three other interviewers participating in SuiteTalk.  I learned some very interesting things about Ife’ during this roundtable, such as she grew up doing musical theatre, she doesn’t like the term “neo-soul”, and she has the same ritual before every performance.  Ife’ hopes her fans understand her lyricism and are able to apply the lyrics to their lives.  She wants to touch us all, she wants us to feel her music, and she wants us to know exactly what she’s talking about when we hear her sing.  According to Ife’, “The current state of music is tough because you have very few people buying music (in the form on CD’s).  Social media allows you to be more creative.” 

The performance of Ife’, Chris Turner, and Lauren White was nothing short of amazing on the night of June 24.  The crowd was involved and singing along.  All three artists were absolutely fantastic and are well on their way of getting their names known. 

I appreciate Organic Fusion asking me to participate in the SuiteTalk.  It was a wonderful experience, and I was humbled in the presence of Ife’ and the other bloggers present.  I strongly suggest you all listen to and purchase the music from these artists.  Their music will definitely keep all of your parties going this summer!  Until, next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!


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