What’s Wrong with Elle-The C*ckblocker Edition

It ain't no fun if you block your homie from getting some

This weekend I attended a live show with a few new and old friends.  As I was enjoying the music, I noticed a cutie at the end of the bar.  As usual, my wingwoman, @msrasberryinc, was in the building and proceeded to wing on my behalf.  Turns out the fella is from the South, lives about an hour away, and is single (Ms. Rasberry found this out from Ol’ Boy’s friend).  As we’re vibing and chatting after the show, he asks Ms. Rasberry and me what we’re doing next (Ol’ Boy is riding shotgun with his friend); then Said Friend comes back from paying his bar tab and stands between me and Ol’ Boy…KNOWING we were talking.  (Ok, I let that slide.)  Then, out of nowhere, Said Friend says, “It’s been cool ladies; we’re getting out of here”, and holds his hands up for Ms. Rasberry and me to give him a high-five.  Ol’ Boy gives me a nice, warm hug, and says “It was great meeting you; hope to see you around.”, gives Ms. Rasberry a hug, and he and Said Friend proceed to exit stage right.  They are halfway down the bar when I lift my hand and open my mouth to yell Ol’ Boy’s name.  I then come to my wits and realize not only will that be slightly desperate, but he probably wouldn’t hear me over the music.  I look at Ms. Rasberry, put my arms up, and ask, “What the hell just happened?!” with a perplexed look on my face.  I was so thrown that I didn’t even get a chance to ask him for his number.

It was very apparent to Ms. Rasberry, my “Auntie” Madeline, my boy TyAnthony, my cousin TGS, AND my friend KSK (yes, I called all over the country this weekend because I was pissed) that Said Friend was a c*ckblocker.  Men, and women, whatever you do in life, DO NOT be Said Friend!!!  First, it’s unbecoming to c*ckblock.  What grown people do that?  Be happy that your boy met a nice young lady.  Second, you could be blocking your blessing.  How, you may ask?  Your homeboy’s friend may have a friend for you (Said Friend told Ms. Rasberry they were both single).  Third, it’s just really unattractive, and if something pops off with your boy and this new girl, she’s going to be looking at you crazy until she realizes you really are a nice person…that’s if  you truly are a nice person. 

Can I just say that I’m proud of myself for not typing EVERYTHING that happened?  You all know I can be a little wordy.  So, have you ever been blocked?  Or maybe you were the blocker.  In any event, please share your tales of c*ck-blockery.  Madeline did say that if it’s meant to be, I’ll see him again…so let’s all touch and agree that I run into Ol’ Boy again…SOON!!!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.


  1. Honestly, I think there are people in the world that would like to see there “so called friends” single and unhappy if they are feeling the same also.

    Also, I tend to see this happen with a lot of women. Ladies would block on there homegirls if there wasn’t a particular person interested in her at the present time…

    (Great Read)

  2. I have a few comments. 1- you got my twitter handle wrong. It’s @msrasberryinc. 2- I was cracking up laughing while reading this b/c I relived the scenario in my head. The high five was the clincher – who does that at a non-sporting event?? Said friend was whack on multiple levels. 3- I agree w/ Madeline. If it’s meant to be you’ll see him again. No harm in enhancing the odds though, Snoop. 4- I have to agree w/ Ryan on the female c-blocker. This is another reason why it’s best not to go out w/ a gaggle of chicks IF you are trying to attract a man. 1 or 2 max. If there are too many, there is bound to be one who will be mad if a dude is talking to you & not them. Lucky for you, you have me! 🙂

  3. It’s all good sister; his boy is probably after him himself and that is his way to say hands off-this one is mine. It could be like the old saying “misery loves company”, if he can not get attention nobody is going to hook up. It’s clear he has a demanding possesive manipulative spirit.

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