Random Things About Elle

I'm good for taking pictures of myself when I think I'm cute. #sueme

Today I was all set to do a re-cap post about my happy hour last week-my friends that came, the big announcement, a review of Jin-but decided I didn’t really want to take that route.  Instead, I’m going to share a little bit more about myself.  Some very personal things, some not so personal, and probably some things you really don’t care about knowing.  In any event, here goes.

  • Meagan Goode keeps popping up as someone I should follow on Twitter.  And that fact made me realize I haven’t really liked her since “Eve’s Bayou”.  She was ok in “Delivering Us From Eva”, but that was about the only movie where she wasn’t typecast and didn’t get on my nerves.
  • I’m EXTREMELY tense. So much so that as I sit at my desk and type this up my back is hurting.  What am I doing about that?  I made an appointment to get a massage on Sunday.  Hopefully I’ll get a confirmation phone call soon because I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this. 
  • I’m nervous about this business thing.  While I have the support of my friends, I’m very apprehensive about this.  But with a lot of prayer and hard work, I know I’ll be fine.
  • I told my mother I would give DC 5 years.  Which means that in 2015, if I do not have a career that I love or if my personal life bites, I’ll be moving.  But the way I feel right now, I may not wait until 2015.
  • When I get frustrated with someone (or something), I delete them (or it) from my life.  Case in point, my post yesterday about online dating (2 profiles deleted, 1 more to go!). 
  • I’m a big ol’ softy (I actually don’t think this is something that’s a surprise to people who know me).  I try to pretend that I have this hard outer shell, but on the inside I’m that little girl sitting in my mother’s kitchen playing with my rabbit, Grady. 
  • I have a quirky sense of humor that has a tendency to be biting at times.  Case in point, I offended a friend who’s decided she’s taking a break from speaking to me.  But I’ll be at her house next weekend for a party, so I think we’ll be fine.
  • I like closure.  I don’t like things hanging, hovering, or in gray areas.  I’m trying to get over that, but the “Having the Last Word” part of my brain won’t allow that.
  • I need a vacation.

So, what things do you want to share with me?  I’ve opened up a lot to you guys, so I think it’s only right you share some things with me. 🙂  It is therapeutic to get things off your chest.   Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!




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