What Are We Missing?

We always talk about the “good” woman who is single-smart, has a nice job, goes to church, and volunteers in her community.-and how we wonder why no one has snagged her up.   She works hard and plays harder, but she’s never been able to be “caught” by the right guy.  Sure, she dates, but she always seems to attract the wrong type of the guy-The Playboy, The Smooth Talker, The “I’m Just Looking for a Good Time” dude, The Control Freak (I could go on). 

We rarely talk about the “good” single guy, but he does exist.  The nice dressing, nice smelling, loves his momma, church attending, educated, and financially sound brother who hasn’t met Ms. Right-but he’s steady looking for her.  He’s met The Gold Digger, The Liability, The Leach, and The Fast Girl, but he hasn’t met The One. 

Why on earth can’t these two people find each other???

Are they not going to the same places?  Do they not roll in the same social circles?  Do they even live in the same cities?  Or…are they not looking at the right package?  Men, are you looking for a woman who is a size 4?  Maybe you’re looking for a woman who has a certain type of job.  And ladies, what’s your excuse?  Is it possible you’re looking for a man who makes a certain amount of money?  Or maybe you’re searching for a man who has a certain zip code in his address.  What ever the case is-what are we missing?

I think I’m a good woman and would make a wonderful mate and significant other.  Now, I’ve joked to my friends about going down South, finding a big ol’ country boy, and dragging him back to DC.  I don’t feel like my husband is in the DMV, and how is going to find me if I’m here and he’s somewhere else?  In all actuality, I’ve heard some of my friends say they know great men who are single and haven’t found “The One”.  So, if there are all these good men and good women in the world, why the heck haven’t we met? 

These are just some ramblings today and some things going through my head.  Feel free to share your comments, thoughts, and feelings on why good men and women can’t (or don’t) meet each other.  I’m sure you’d be helping out someone.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

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