One Year Ago Today

…I wrote my very first post on this blog!  I had NO clue of what I was doing, but I just knew I wanted to write.  I didn’t have any great expectations.  I knew that I wanted to eventually parlay this into writing on a freelance basis.  I could never imagine that I would eventually meet some great people, such as Paul Carrick Brunson, Shanel Cooper-Sykes, and others who have been featured on the blog.  I never dreamed I would share some things with you guys, such as my mis-adventures in internet dating, my reaction to the death and related events of Mitrice Richardson, or share my thoughts on men and how I don’t understand anything they do (this is just one of the many posts where I ask questions).  Who would’ve thunk I would start the series of “This Week in the News”, “Relationship Week”, or “Witty Wednesday”???  Certainly not me.

I’ve grown so much in this last year.  I’m still Elle, but I have had some pretty significant experiences that have helped to shape and mold me into who I am.  The name “Evolving Elle” is very apropos for me as I’m continuing to evolve based on my experiences.  I know the things I’ve seen since I’ve been to DC I wouldn’t have seen had I lived anywhere else. 

I want to thank you-my family, my friends, my suscribers, my readers-for sticking with me through this first year.  I know the next year will be even more awesome!  If you’re in the DMV, I want to see you tonight!  I’m hosting a happy hour at Jin Lounge, located at 2017 14th St. NW (Between U and V Sts. NW).  Elle’s identity will no longer be a mystery…if you haven’t at least figured out my real name! 😉  I also have a big announcement to share with you all as well, so to make sure you’re in the know, you may want to come! 

Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

PS Be on the lookout for today’s 2nd post around 10 am.


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