Witty Wednesday-Finding Middle Ground

So, the last time I did some self-reflection, I stepped outside of my box.  But I think I stepped out too far. 

With the latest guy that I talked about and approached, we started off with some witty banter.  But…I think I got a little carried away.  All communication has ceased.  I’m going to let it ride because I don’t know him and he doesn’t me.  And while in the past I have always prided myself on people liking me and things ending when I want them to, at 29 years old, I’ve decided who really cares???  I mean, our contact was only through technological means, so it’s not that serious.  And I seriously doubt if we’ll ever meet in person.

With one of the gents I met in Atlanta, we’ve had a nice repertoire.  We’ve spoken on the phone, we’ve texted, and we’ve made plans to meet for drinks on Tuesday. 🙂  AND…he even told me, “He liked my persistence.”  So obvously with him I’m doing something right. 

I have a tendency to take things a little too personally.  My auntie “Madeline” decided to be a little messy (just kidding if you’re reading this!).  There is a young gentleman that we know that she has tried to make play matchmaker with him and me.  Besides the fact I don’t think he’s interested in me, I’ve decided this doesn’t need to be pursued, for many reasons.  While homeboy is nice to look at, he’s too immature.  Recently when I used to see him, I became cold, a little itchy with a “B” in front, and quiet (according to others), which is not me.  The last time we were around each other, I became more like the old Elle-friendly, chatty, and personable.  So I think things are going back to normal.

I say all of this to say…just be you.  Or I need to just be me.  It’s hard to switch up your actions to match what you think people will like or what they’re looking for.  If you just continue to be you, that’s what matters.  Someone likes me just the way I am, with a little sass, a little aggressiveness, and a little cheeky.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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