Southern Girl Movie Review: “Jumping the Broom”

In my effort to support good Black film, my neighbor Ms. V and I went to see “Jumping the Broom” on Mothers Day.  I was very excited to see this movie as it has some of my favorite people in it-Angela Bassett, Paula Patton, and Pooch Hall.  Mike Epps is always good for comic relief, and Tasha Smith was superb (and almost typecast) as Rosetta Devine’s “sister-girl” best friend.  Laz Alonzo and Gary Dourdan are ALWAYS nice eye candy, and you all know how I feel about Meagan Good…or maybe you don’t. 

While I LOVE Paula, her character got on my nerves slightly.  She was a little too bubbly.  (I wonder if that is some type of manifestation of self-hate because I felt the same way about Anika Noni Rose in “For Colored Girls“.)  But, I could totally relate to her character-tired of encountering the wrong men and just wanting to have that one true love.  (deep sigh)  But I digress…I loved how Laz Alonzo’s character went over the top to show his girl how he felt about her.  I didn’t like Loretta Devine’s character being rude to her son’s fiancee’.  And for no good reason; she didn’t even give the girl a chance!  Meagan Goode is someone else who I think is about to be typecast; I mean, she played a hot girl in the latest season of “The Game”, and now she’s heating up the kitchen with the chef for the wedding weekend.  Also, it was hard for me to believe Meagan and Paula’s characters as best friends…but that’s just me. 

There were some pleasant surprises, and because I value you all, I won’t give away any secrets from the movie.  But I do hope you guys go see it.  It’s well worth it.  The acting was great, there’s plenty of laughs, and a few moments that will make your mouth drop.  I have to admit Ms. V and I were genuinely surprised at some of the events in the movie.  What I will never understand though is why Black people feel the need to clap at the end of movies.  It’s not a play and it’s not like the actors can interact with us…*shrugs*  I will say I appreciate this movie for showing that Black people are not monolithic.  We know that, and it’s good to see something on film that could potentially happen to me or someone in my circle.  Actually I think people from my maternal and paternal families could fit with most of these characters. 

If you saw the movie, what did you think?  If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely make it a date night movie, whether it’s with your boo, your girlfriends, or (one of) your mom’s belated Mother’s Day gift.  😉  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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  1. I feel you on the clapping thing. It happened where we went as well. I don’t get it, but I enjoy movie theaters with us sometimes–people are talking to the screen as if the characters will turn and address them, cracking jokes. It’s either really annoying or added entertainment, depending on the crowd.

    I really enjoyed the movie. It is hard to evaluate without mentioning major plot points, but the only things I had issues with were some moments of melodrama/overacting, almost too much going on, and the fear that Tasha is being typecast as a sister girl/cougar. The rest of my thoughts are on my review blog!

    I generally agree with you. This a really good date movie. Love this post! 🙂

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