This Past Week in the News

Happy Saturday! I’m thoroughly enjoying my time in Atlanta, but I didn’t want to leave you all for too long!  Some pretty interesting things happened this week, so let’s do a quick re-cap!

First, the wedding of all weddings, according to some people, took place yesterday between Prince William and Kate Middleton.  I’m extremely happy for them and love it when people decide to share the rest of their lives with each other.  I’ve seen re-plays of the wedding and must admit it was a beautiful ceremony, although I don’t get into all the hype.  Her dress was beautiful, and her make-up looked very natural.  I wish them both a lifetime of happiness!

Next, devastating storms hit the South and parts of the Eastern seaboard earlier this week.  The videos and pictures of the destruction are pretty horrific.  Two schools in GA are closed for the remainder of the school year due to all of the damage. Please continue to pray for all of those affected by the storm.

The NFL Draft took place on Thursday.  That’s all well and good, but it means diddly-squat if the players remained locked out.  Pressing on…

I’m still pretty heated about President Obama revealing his birth certificate to shut up Donald Trump.  Unfortunately, it’s reminiscent of when free Blacks would have to show their “papers” to prove that they were in fact free.  I’m not going to talk about this, because I’ll get upset all over again.  I will say as much as I would like to see NeNe go off on Star tomorrow, I’m skipping “The Celebrity Apprentice”.  But I will be watching the Obamas on “Oprah” on Monday! 🙂

Lastly, a fun time was had by all at last night’s launch party of “Mood”, and I’m looking forward to the “Walk-A-Mile In Someone Else’s Shoes” fundraiser tonight benefitting Families First.  You still have time to make a donation.  Make sure you bring your heels! 🙂 I hope to see some of you all there!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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