Let Me Re-Think This…

Photo available via Flickr

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I was able to relax and enjoy myself at home, which I haven’t been able to do in a long time!  As I stated in my birthday post, I’m using the next year to date and find ways to mingle more.  Well, I’m starting to re-think that.  (And yes, I know it’s only been a week.)

First, I did have a date this weekend.  Yes, the guy was nice enough, but there weren’t any sparks, and honestly, I’m not sure I am truly attracted to him.  Earlier last week, I was able to talk to a friend that I haven’t spoken to in awhile.  While speaking with her she let me know that she has given up on ever getting married and having children.  She has gotten a dog, who is now the love of her life, and is happy with just working and being single.  And to avoid questions from others about her relationship and motherhood status, she doesn’t attend functions (i.e. weddings and baby showers) anymore. 

Now, while I don’t think I will become as extreme as my friend, I am re-thinking this whole dating thing.  Yes, I talk about how I’d like some nice lad to come my way and sweep me off my feet, but I think I’m giving too much attention to this.  I should do as my “auntie” Madeline suggested and just focus on doing me and getting my life in order.  I think once that happens, everything that is for me will fall into place. 

Have you guys ever had to re-think something?  It’s great when we make plans and hope to do things that we think are going to enhance our life.  But I think in this situation I need to just focus on making Elle a better person holistically-then everything else will happen as it should.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.