Civil Engagement- DC Special Election

The District of Columbia is one week away from our Special Election.   Vacancies are currently open for DC At-Large Council Member, Ward 4 Member of the State Board of Education, and Ward 8 Member of the State Board of Education. 

Voters are not quick to come out to vote in special elections.  I wonder why that is???  It’s important that we ALL vote when there is an election.  Despite the fact that our ancestors fought for the right for everyone to vote, our need to vote goes beyond that.  These people will be responsible for how city government is ran and for the education of our children.  We’re so quick to complain and make note of things that are wrong, yet we don’t vote.  This is a great time to start voting if you’ve never voted before. 

All DC residents can vote for At-Large Council Member, but only residents in Ward 4 can vote for their open seat on the State Board of Education, and the same holds true for residents of Ward 8.  Make sure your voice is heard!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

*To take a look at the candidates and to find out the important dates regarding elections, visit the DC Board of Elections and Ethics site here.

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