Transparent Elle

Ok, since nothing is really popping off today, you will get a post.  I just have to tell you, this is what you get when I start worrying and wondering about things-a post that is very transparent, very real, and very personal.

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I’m looking to date at least once a week.  I was honestly hoping that the first few dates wouldn’t be that difficult since I already have a few prospects on the horizon.  But after two conversations I just had, I’m not so sure about either one of them.

First, can I mention that I hate texting?  Well, let me re-phrase.  Texting can be great if you need to change some plans you made with your friends after work, and you need to let them know you’ll be about 30 minutes late.  Texting can be bad when initially meeting someone.  Let’s talk about Guy A.  We’ll call him Calvin.  Calvin and I met in the DVD section in a local neighborhood retailer a few weeks ago.  He seemed like he had potential.  He approached (even though I looked a hot mess), is from the South, went to an HBCU, and loves his grandma.  For the past 3 weeks, he and I have texted on a pretty consistent basis.  And it doesn’t seem like we’ll ever meet again in person at the rate we’re going.  I really think he has too much going on, and while he may be attracted to your girl, it’s bad timing.

Second guy, we’ll call him Dewayne, and I used to work for the same company.  He’s a serial texter, too, but I can say he calls me more than Calvin.  Call me crazy, but I just have this feeling in my gut that this is not going to end in my favor.  It’s really too soon to tell, but I’m not optimistic about this situation.  But we are in the process of making plans to hang out in the near future; I just hope it’s this week so I can at least pretend to keep up with my present to myself! 😉

So what do you guys think? Am I being too presumptious, too anxious, too…Elle (for those of you that know me)?  Maybe I should just calm down and enjoy life and whatever comes my way.  But in regards, to texting, is that the world we live in now-where it’s ok to communicate via text and phone conversations are out the window?  Since I’m a little old fashioned, I would prefer that if we’re going to have a full fledged conversation, a phone call is better than sending 10,000 text messages, but that’s just me.   Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!


  1. I am grateful for the advent of texting and much prefer it to talking on the phone. I have had serious conversations, as well as arguments, via text and it’s all good. When it comes to dating/relationships though, I think it can go either way; depending on WHY the communication is primarily via text and the type of communication that is being had. Either way, if this is something that bothers you, you have to set the parameters up front. Tell the guy that while you don’t mind the occasional text, you prefer phone calls. It’s really not asking too much. If he’s really interested in you, he’ll abide by your wishes.

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