Witty Wednesday-Sharpton vs. West

If you were like me, you missed the MSNBC special “A Stronger America: The Black Agenda” this past Sunday.  During the special, Rev. Al Sharpton, President of the National Action Network, and Dr. Cornel West, an author and college professor, had a heated debate about the Obama Administration.  To say the video has gone viral would be an understatement.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of Rev. Al.  I respect him and his opinion, but there’s a low chance I would go hear him speak or listen to him on the radio…if it were just him.  But he made some valid points on Sunday, as did Dr. West.  Both men are so passionate about their positions that no one, not even host Ed Schultz, could get a word in edgewise when it came to the discussion of the Obama Administration.  Dr. West feels as if the President has taken the African-American vote for granted but has not done anything significant to  support the community since he has taken office.  He also stated that Blacks shouldn’t automatically vote Democrat because party members are the lesser of two evils.  Rev. Sharpton believes that we should support the President in 2012.  He also reminded us all that President Obama cannot do everything on his own. 

Although the President still has an approval rating of 85% among African-Americans as of March 2011, that number is at an all-time low during his presidency.  I think it’s safe to say that Blacks are watching the President very closely.  We want to see results, and so far, I don’t think people are seeing what they were hoping to gain from Obama’s presidency.  I believe that the President is doing all he can, but as Sharpton said, he can’t do it alone.  This is when we need our leaders, whomever they may be, to come forward, devise an agenda, and set about making this country better for Blacks, especially our children.

What do you all think?  Who was right-Sharpton or West?  Going back to my post on Monday, do you believe that one or both of these men are our leaders?  Or should we look elsewhere?  Do you think their argument on Sunday was a poor display?  Or was it something that’s needed to get people involved?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.



  1. [quote]I believe that the President is doing all he can, but as Sharpton said, he can’t do it alone. This is when we need our leaders, whomever they may be, to come forward, devise an agenda, and set about making this country better for Blacks, especially our children.[/quote]


    Do you see the irony of what you are arguing?

    You are affirming the need from the Black community for change in our fortunes.
    You affirm that these politicians and non-elected operatives are looked toward to deliver.

    YET – it seems – that you are unwilling to see that they are a MACHINE that is working toward a certain set of promises – and that at some point this MACHINE in its entirety might need to be put on trial and forced to prove its efficacy in advancing our people.

    When Sharpton suggested to West that he compel others in the Congress to do their part – he was suggesting that other DEMOCRATS where not doing what was needed.

    In addition both Sharpton and West would have Obama and the entire cadre of Democrat obtain the BLACK AGENDA – largely by fighting against REPUBLICANS.

    At what point do we step back and ask if this is the force that is preventing our people from prosperity OR if this is merely a means to hijack our consciousness?

    We only need to look at places where the victory has been one locally – to see that the departure of our enemies has NOT lead to this fortune.

    WHO will challenge the presumptions?

    • Thanks for your comment. If you read my post from last Monday, you would see that I ask the question if there any leaders in Black America, and if you so, who are they? If Black America is not happy with West, Sharpton, or whomever our leaders are, then we need to act. One, we need to identify some new leaders, and two, we need to address the issues that are occuring in Black America and start solving them. As far as the members of Congress, they need to handle the business of those constituents who put them in office. If they don’t start working for the people, they may see themselves out of a job. I’m a big proponent of not only addressing problems but finding solutions and working towards making things right. Talk is cheap, but action is priceless.

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