I Can Relate, Aubrey

OK, I admit it.  I’m a Danity Kane fan.  I watched ALL of their seasons of “Making the Band” and had my favorites.  I was really sad when the group got dismantled, thanks to Aubrey’s outlandish and selfish behavior, but am still a little salty that Wanita (aka D. Woods) got kicked out, too.  Since I haven’t watched television in a long while, I was all too excited to see that Aubrey O’Day, former wild child and front woman of Danity Kane, had her own show.  (And you guys know I’m a reality tv junkie.) 

During my night of insomnia on Saturday, I came across Oxygen and saw “All About Aubrey” was coming on.  Since I had nothing to do, except braid my hair since I decided to wash it so late, I thought maybe I should watch this to see what’s going on.  Because I hadn’t heard her voice recently, I totally forgot that Aubrey could sing.  While she was trying to get her record deal, she was also focusing on love…or least finding a mate, as most of us start doing in our mid-late 20s.  I can definitely relate to her on working on her career.  I’m at a point where I want to do something TOTALLY different than what I’ve done in the past, and I’m working my tail off to make things happen.  But the most important thing, well maybe not MOST important but it’s high on my list, is having a mate.  I hate dating-I hate meeting new dudes only to find out you and he are on different pages. 

In the latest episode Aubrey is on the hunt to get  a man.  She meets one guy who turns out to be a complete jerk.  The other guy is a producer she’s worked with.  She sent him a 5 page love letter after their first meeting and ran him away.  She incidently ran into him while she was out with the jerk.  I know you guys are thinking “How in the heck can Elle relate to Aubrey?” Well, I’ll tell you.  Because guys are different, Aubrey adjusted her actions to what she thought each guy wanted.  I’ve done that, too-behaved in a manner that I thought would be appealing to a guy to get his attention.  That never works.  It’s always important that we, women and men, stay true to who we are when meeting people, whether it’s for a personal or professional relationship.  It’s not fair to us to “adjust” our actions because we think it’s going to impress someone else.  Plus, if we begin behaving a certain way in relationships in the beginning, our mate is going to expect us to behave that way forever.  And I can pretend for only so long.  Admittedly, Aubrey noted with producer where her missteps were, and ol’ boy told her that he wanted to take things slow (and I would imagine so after receiving a long behind letter.) 

Have you guys ever behaved in a manner not normal for you in order to get someone’s attention?  Did it work?  Do you think it’s ok for people to do something they normally wouldn’t do in order to attract the opposite sex?  Or should people love you for being you, without you having to do anything extra?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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