This Week in the News- It’s Too Much!

Happy Friday.  There are tons of things that have been going on this week, and I feel the need to comment on them.  One item, in particular, has caused me great discomfort, and I meant to discuss it with you all a long time ago. 

First, can we talk about Donald Trump?  Now, I see he’s “potentially” putting his hat in the ring as a Republican candidate for President in 2012.  But why is he asking for Obama’s birth certificate?  Yes, I know it’s his PR’s plan to create a buzz around “The Donald” and to get his name out there, but his people couldn’t pick a better ploy?  Donald is an intelligent man.  But do any of us REALLY think Obama would be the 44th President of these United States if he was not an American citizen???  I may boycott “Celebrity Apprentice” this week just so I can show him he does not have my support.  And yes, I know I’m only one and there are tons of millions of people who will watch, but I doubt if I will be one of them. 

Can we talk about this little 8 year-old boy who got pepper-sprayed in Colorado in February?  Yes, you read correctly-a 2nd grader was pepper-sprayed by cops at his school because he had a temper tantrum in class.  Still think excessive force was used?  I implore you to read the entire story here, then you can comment.  My thoughts?  I’m trying to figure out why this boy was still attending classes.  This incident is not the first time the police have been called on this student.  His mother believes the police used excessive force; I believe she’s avoiding the real issue.  This little boy has some real deep issues.  Yes, he’s seeing a therapist, but he hasn’t been diagnosed with any illnesses nor is he on any type of medication.  And honestly, if a student destroys school property and threatens to “kill” his teachers, that’s more than a temper tantrum.

It looks like the federal government is about to shutdown.  Think it doesn’t affect you?  I think you’d be surprised.  You may not feel a sting at first, but if this goes on for awhile, this could have devastating results for us all.  Go here to see how this shutdown will affect you.   And if you’re not sure how the nation’s capital will be affected, read more here.  And another article to take a look at is here.   One good thing I can say is that no parking tickets will be written during the shutdown…

Lastly, I’ll end by saying I plan on watching “Braxton Family Values” this weekend.  Yes, Toni Braxton has another hustle to help her get out of debt.  I shouldn’t watch-in the words of my “auntie” Madeline, “Don’t watch that show!”-but I can’t help it.  I think it’ll be interesting.  *shrugs* Sue me.  But if it’s crap, please believe I’ll let you guys know.

So what did I miss?  How will you be affected if the government shuts down?  Or will your life go on as if nothing changed?  What do you think about Donald Trump harassing Obama?  (Or is he just asking for something simple.)  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

P.S. An interesting article I came across.  Hopefully the police will back on this and find the killer.  And I hope they find Tupac’s killer, too.

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