What is Black? Part 3

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the “America I Am” exhibit.  Whether you’re Black, White, Hispanic, or what have you, you should go see this exhibit when it comes to a city near you.   If you’re not familiar with the exhibit, it traces the history of African-Americans from the time of slavery to today. 

I always feel proud to be a Black American, but looking at this exhibit instilled much more pride in me and my people.  If you ever wondered where you fit in in the American imprint, this exhibit shows you where you go and where our ancestors went.  I am now even more inspired to make sure I leave my mark on American history.  And I believe after you view this display of the greatness that has been given to this country, you will, too.   My favorite part of the exhibit was the guitar that Prince played during Super Bowl XLI.  (I remember that performance!  It was raining in Miami, and he was performing “Purple Rain” on a purple stage…but I digress.)   Other items on display included a replica of the “Door of No Return”, garments worn by Marian Anderson, Bootsy Collins, and Muhammad Ali, and various American documents important to Black history. 

I could go on and on about this exhibit, but it goes to show what Black is in America-how we’ve prospered, prevailed, and persevered despite the setbacks and stumbling blocks set up to stop us from achieving.  Viewing the film at the end, I was moved to tears.   If you’re in DC, you have until May 1 to view the exhibit.  If you want more information, or to view the previous stops on this tour, please visit the website here.   If you’ve viewed the exhibit, what did you think?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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