Another Manic Monday…

Hello, folks!  So I have nothing to write about.  No, seriously, I have NOTHING to write about.   I had an awesome weekend.  Saturday I went to the Bus Enhancement Summit  for my ward, ate lunch with some great people and a DC Councilmember, and had an authentic Louisiana dinner with my co-workers. On Sunday, I went to church (and joined! YAY for me having a church home in DC), had a wonderful brunch with some amazing women at B. Smith, and then hung out with an old friend.  Yeah, my weekend was packed. 

I made some wonderful connections this weekend, and I’m excited to see what becomes of them.  You all know I have my hand in thousands of pots.  And something’s got to give…quick, fast, and in a hurry!!!  What was your weekend like?  Was it great? Boring?  Fun?  Busy?  Please share!  Tomorrow I hope to have something of a little more substance to share.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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