*For MATURE Audiences Only*

I was struggling with the topic of discussion today.  I was thinking of talking about Charlie Sheen, as he has been all over everybody’s tv screen, Twitter timeline, and FB status.   I knew I wanted to talk about him (if only a little bit), and I felt that if I waited until tomorrow I couldn’t contain myself from writing more than a paragraph.  Then I thought about some discussions I’ve had with friends the past few weeks, really the past 2 days, and decided to write about that.  One conversation is directly related to a comment I made on Twitter yesterday. 

First, my guy friends.  I have two male friends, TyAnthony (whom I’ve talked about before) and one we’ll call Carl.  TyAnthony I’ve known since our undergrad days, and I met Carl through a mutual friend after I moved to DC.  For some reason, both men feel very comfortable with me.  So comfortable that they feel the need to share intimate details of their life with me.  What intimate details you may ask.  Well, look at the title of the post.  Yep, their sex lives.  A few weeks back, TyAnthony returned a call I had made to him the previous day.  When I jokingly asked what he was doing, he responded with, “I was having sex.”  (This is not the first time he’s been a little too open with me.)  I quickly replied with, “UGH! I did NOT need to know that.” “Well, you asked”, he tartly said.  I couldn’t really argue, but I did tell him all he had to do was say he was busy.  Last night, my friend Carl went on and on about how he needed to have sex and that he planned on getting some that night.  I asked him, “Why are you telling me all of this?”  He said, “You’re my buddy, and I feel like we can talk about this stuff.” (-_-)  I quickly told him,”I don’t want to hear about that aspect of your life.  I mean, would you want me to talk about mine???”  Being a man, he said, “Yes.”  I proceeded to share the story of an old flame, but I quickly realized I didn’t really feel comfortable talking about that with him, so I quickly changed the topic.

With this next story, I don’t want to give away too many details because said friend suscribes to this blog, and I’m not going to put her on frontstreet…even though none of you knows who she is.  Long story short, she and I went to a dinner party last night.  The two of us met two other young ladies and sort of talked to each other all night (and when I say all night, I mean ALL night.)  One of the young ladies, we’ll call her Anna, and my friend, whom I’ll call Yvette, had something in common.  They both prefer dating older men.  Not 5-10 years older, but 15 years plus.  And of course they were sharing the goodness of dating a significantly older man.  I have to admit, I couldn’t really argue with some of their points.  And I even told them I would consider dating a man around 46, 47 years old.  (Hey, don’t judge me.) 

So, there’s a lot going on in this post, and I need you all to let me know if I’m being prudish or responding appropriately?  With your friends of the opposite sex, do you all discuss details of your sex life?  And would you consider dating a man (or a woman for the fellas) who’s significantly older than you?  I did say I was going to expand my dating prospects in 2011, but I’m not sure I’m ready to start dating someone who may be old enough to be my parent.  I know the saying “Different strokes for different folks” is so true, I’m just not sure if certain strokes are for the kid…So, feel free to share your thoughts.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!