Witty Wednesday-The Carmen Jones Effect Part 2

Happy Wednesday!  No Way Back Wednesday post.  I have something I want to share with you guys that I was supposed to share yesterday.  Since I was MIA, you’re getting it today.  And I’m not sure how witty this post will be, but I needed something catchy that started with a “W”. *shrugs*

On Monday evening, I had the pleasure to hang out with two of my favorite sorority sisters, AT and TJP.  Over hair, food, celebrity gossip, and personal anecdotes, we began talking about Brad and Angelina.  (I don’t think I have to use last names.)  We discussed the fact that they have a beautiful family, give back effortlessly, but they’re not married.  We also discussed the fact that “marriage” seems to be a dirty word.  Everyone (well most people) are happy with shacking up or running around seeing how many people they can be with.  The topic of cheating was also discussed and how Angelina took Brad from Jennifer.  AT asked TJP and me if we still liked Angelina even though she was a homewrecker.  (For the record, I love Brangelina.)  Our responses can be summed up in these words-“While we don’t like the fact that she was with a married man, it takes two to tango.”  TJP also stated that, “You can’t break what’s already broken.”  I also mentioned that this topic was similar to my post “The Carmen Jones Effect“.  Maybe Angelina was this femme fatale who sank her claws into Brad and wouldn’t let him go until he was hers.  I also mentioned maybe Brad was the aggressor.  But what amazes me are the similarities between this movie and real life.  Jennifer is the proverbial good girl (Cindy Lou), Brad is the do-gooder (Joe), and Angelina is the gorgeous girl with a bad streak (Carmen).  So, I think this answers the question that I had in my original post-is the story (Army Boy leaves Good Girl to go with Aggressive Woman) possible in real life?  From the outside looking in, it appears that way.  But John Q. Public will never know what truly happened between Jennifer, Brad, and Angelina.  And if the story can happen in real life, do they live happily ever after?  It appears that Brad and Angie are doing ok.

I want to know what you guys think.  Is marriage a dirty word?  Did Angelina seduce Brad or did he go after her?  Are there other similarities between this fictional movie and real-life?  The floor is yours!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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