Why Is It???

So, I have some questions today, and I’m hoping you guys can answer them for me…or least give me some insight into some things.  Here goes:

-Why is it some guys claim to be attracted to you and/or like you as a friend, but they don’t hang out with you?  I have enough pen-pals.  I want someone I can see…in person…on at least a halfway regular basis.

-Why is it some guys (re: same guy from before) will send you messages commenting on how good you look? Excuse me, but we haven’t seen each other, so how do you know how I look?  Pictures don’t count, buddy…

– Why is it people are now sniffing bath salts to get high?  Are times that hard that people can’t afford regular narcotics and have to use household items?

– Why is it these bath salts cause hallucinations and suicidal thoughts?  One man cut his stomach and facial areas after sniffing this stuff.

– Why is it bath salts are now banned in Louisiana and are about to be banned in Mississippi?

– Why is it Kim Kardashian has a single out?  Does she think she can sing?  And why are people who have actual talent supporting her? 

– Why is it Flavor Flav opened this fried chicken joint in Iowa?  Is he sniffing bath salts?

– Why is it we have to allow men to guide the course of relationships?  Why can’t women say what we want as opposed to waiting on men to tell US what THEY want? 

– Why is it I can say all of these things on this here blog but can’t say it to the people who need to hear it?

– Why is it Ted Williams checked out of rehab early?

– Why is it we are ALL wishing we were Oprah’s long lost half-sister?

Ok, I’m done for now.  What are some questions that you have?  And if you have the answer to a few of the questions I asked, feel free to answer.  Or if you just want to share a laugh with me, feel free to do that, too.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!