This Week in the News-WOW!!!!

Happy Friday!  This definitely didn’t feel like a 4 day work week.  But I am glad to say that I had an amazing time yesterday! (All work and no play makes Elle a dull girl!)  I was able to hang out with my fellow Rattlers at The Park last night (and ya’ll know I don’t like that place), and then I had a great dinner. 🙂  (If you follow me on Twitter or are a fan on Facebook, you know where I was!)  Now that the fun has been had, let’s get down to business!

First, I must say that I am VERY happy for the White family.  If you don’t know, Carlina White was abducted from Harlem Hospital at just 19 days old.  Her parents had taken her to the hospital due to a fever.  Believing she was giving her baby to a nurse, Joy White, Carlina’s mother, handed the infant over so she could be checked out.   23 years later, mother and father are reunited with their daughter.   Kudos go to Carlina, who discovered that she may be this missing infant.  Technology is an amazing thing!  Now, police and authorities are hunting down Ann Pettway, the woman who raised Carlina as Nejdra Nance.   Ann’s probably somewhere in Mexico by now!!!  But I hope they do find her and figure out what happened in the hospital. 

So, I’m not really sure how I feel about the home state’s new governor.  Nikki Haley, newly-elected governor for the state of South Carolina, gave her first “State of the State” address on Wednesday evening.  One thing I’m happy about is that the Department for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services was moved from a leased space to a government owned facility that was previously empty.  Kudos to Gov. Haley’s administration for making that move and saving the state of South Carolina $700,000 over the next 4 years.  (Mayor Gray and DC could learn a thing or two from this.)  I do have a problem with state funding being cut to the Arts Commission, as an artist and musician myself and having a cousin who is a music teacher in South Carolina.   She’s also proposing that Medicaid HIV/AIDS, cancer, and mental health patients receive generic prescription drugs.  Not really sure how I feel about this since I’m not a doctor or a pharmacist (so if you are, be sure to comment!).  Of course she’s not jumping to accept federal dollars (not sure if I can blame her on that), but she wants to cut education funding and create a new department, the Department of Administration.   I say all this to say, the jury is still out on this one.  But please believe I’ll be keeping an eye on this.  (To read the transcript of the address, go here.)

If you like a good deal, I’m sure you get your daily WTD deal or Groupon e-mails.  Well, since Google is trying to monopolize everything (oops, did I say that???), they are creating a Groupon competitor.  So keep your eyes opened to be see what great deals you can get.  But this can only be good for the consumer, right???

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for you today.  Oh, the divisional playoffs; I’m going with the Steelers and Packers.  Yes, I know I should probably go with my honey, but I have to be realistic here.   What are your thoughts on these and other happenings?  And what news was significant this week that I didn’t share?   Enjoy your weekend, and God willing I’ll be back with you on Monday!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!


  1. Well Elle… I use to think your article postings were great until I read the last line of this one… Packers? Seriously? Over the Bears? SAT DOWN! Talking about the governor of South Carolina, glad that she is making logical decisions and hope to get her state under fiscal control. Unlike the newly sworn in governor of Alabama that has diarrhea of the mouth and started blabbering about non Christians not being his brother/sister! Seriously dude? You not in office ONE day and you’re already making divisive statements? Do the job that you were elected to do and keep your personal/religious comments to yourself! Because it makes me question how much of a Christian you really are! Jesus loved all… the hookers, hoes, skanks, and non believers. Amen and have a great weekend 🙂

  2. I wanted to comment on the Governor of Alabama, but someone beat me to it. I just wanted to point out he was speaking at a church at a prayer service, which to me makes his comments contextually appropriate as a speaker to that audience. He didn’t say anything detrimental to non-believers or tell them they need to “get right” or that he didn’t represent them or their needs in his official capacity. I reblogged an article on this from another blogger today. I want to hear the complete address before I jump to any decisions about him, but I think the context of the speech should be pointed out as well as the offense some took to it.

    I also wanted to commend Venus Williams for playing through what looked like a painful groin injury and beating her opponent rather than retiring; that showed true grit and class.

    Oh, and I would love to see Bears versus Jets; I am a big fan of the underdog

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