The Return of “The Game”

LOVE them! 🙂

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the return of “The Game” to BET, which premieres next Tuesday.  BET even had a marathon of the show this weekend, complete with an overload of commercials announcing the return of the show, behind-the-scenes clips, and interviews with the cast.  I just hope BET isn’t setting us up for failure.

Now, if you’re like me and watch “The Game” every time it comes on BET, I’m sure you’ve noticed how they delete words like “B!tch”, “Ho”, and words such as that.  This little tidbit makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t be so excited about the return of this show.  I mean, if they edit words such as that, which aren’t my favorite, but seem to be a staple on television, is BET going to have the writers water down other things from the show, too?

I must say I am proud of BET for picking up “The Game” and giving it a new home, but I hope that we are not getting our hopes up for nothing.  What do you guys think?  Are my worries unwarranted?  Are you happy about the return of “The Game”, even with it being on BET?  And are you happy that it appears BET is stepping up their game on programming?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!


  1. Im excited it is back. About time that BET does something positive on their Black Explotation Network.

    Terrence J tweeted that he’s coming to DC today for a screening. Is the screening @ BET in NE? Is it open to the public?

    • Thanks for your response. I know my reply is a little tardy, but I wasn’t too sure about the screening. I know WPGC was giving away tickets but everything else was a mystery, besides the fact the screening was a K Street Lounge. Since I felt like crap on Tuesday, I gave up my search and decided I was going to miss out.

  2. For someone that has not watched BET in a seriously long time due to the lack of substance in their programming, I think it’s great that they picked up a program that already has a loyal following, show blacks in a positive light dealing with real issues. Is your worrying warranted? Yes. Not because it’s going to BET, but in general, when a show is cancelled on one network and picked up by another, we know that there will be some changes in the writing styles because networks focus on different things. Let’s just hope BET remember WHY this show was so popular in the community. Maybe I’ll watch a few more episodes this time around.

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