Elle’s 2011 Goals

Happy 2011! I trust you all had a great celebration last night!  I did- I cooked with my friend American Girl in DC aka @AGinDC on Twitter, then we went to my friend’s house to ring in the new year.  Sadly, in the midst of celebrating, I’ve lost my voice. 😦  Even in the midst of this, I still want to share with you my goals, not resolutions, for 2011.

1. Freelance writing- If you know me personally, and read the “Hire Elle” page, you know I really want to work on becoming my own boss and freelancing…and get paid doing it! 🙂  I can say that I am well on my way.  I have written for “For Harriet” online magazine, and HerExchange, which is another online magazine.  I actually have a recurring post each week with HerExchange.  I also have an upcoming article in “Fearless” magazine, which should be out in next month’s issue.

2. Become healthier- I need to eat better and exercise more.  Not only will I feel better (having more energy), but it will help my hair grow, too! 🙂  Yes, I’m being slightly vain, but I’m just being honest.  And if I can’t be honest with you guys, then with whom can I be honest?!?

3. Financial freedom- I’m happy to say that I am taking my finances into my own hands.  I’m paying things off and am able to have a little bit saved over.  As long as I continue my goal setting and meeting those goals, then the sky’s the limit for me, and my bank account!

4. Date more- I’m happy to say I’ve worked on this a little in 2010, and I hope that I can continue on this journey into 2011.  Based on the experience I had a The Baltimore Social, where I had no expectations but just had fun, I realized that I took myself, and dating, WAY too seriously.  Now, of course I still want to get married and have babies, but I’m not going to go into every situation expecting to meet my husband.

That’s just for starters, and I’m sure as we progress into the year, more things will be put on my list.  So what are your goals for 2011?  And how did you ring in the new year?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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