2010 Done Right

We all know there are some people who had an AMAZING year (heck, we might be those people), and we hope that they continue to grow, flourish, and prosper in the new year.  So let’s get started.

1. Michael Vick– Let’s face it-this guy has the comeback story of 2010.  When people doubted him and still weren’t feeling him, Mike Vick came back and showed us all that people can change.  He’s had an amazing year, and even though the Eagles lost last night to the Vikings, Vick’s still on cloud 9.  Everybody wants to ride the Michael Vick train now…well, maybe not everybody…

2. The Tea Party- Let’s face it, this right-wing extremists have convinced the nation that President Obama is messing up the country and people to vote for them during mid-term elections.  Even the newly-elected South Carolina governor, Nikki Haley, is a member of the Tea Party, even though she is an Indian American and it is “rumored” they can be racist.  And although the Tea Party is not officially a national political party, the movement has caused quite a stir and they have been very successful with getting their followers elected this past November.  It will be interesting to see what occurs in 2011.

3. R. Kelly and Roman Polanski– Let’s face it; these “Chester the Molester”s (as I’ve nicknamed them) got off pretty easy in 2010.  Although Roman Polanski, the Polish-French director, pled guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor in 1977, he fled the US the next year before he could be official sentenced by the judge.  After months of being under house arrest after being detained in Switzerland in 2009, Polanski was found to be a free man after the Swiss authorities declared him to be a “free man”.  The US and the state of California have been trying forever to get Polanski back so he can be sentenced and charged with all 6 counts on the original indictment.  And R. Kelly is definitely another comeback kid.  Although found innocent at trial, in the court of public opinion (and those who saw the tape), R. Kelly was with that girl.  But this dude was able to dust himself off, write some new material, and comeback with a bang.  I have to admit the man is talented, but I won’t be buying any R. Kelly albums.

4. The cast of “The Game”- Ok, so technically new episodes of “The Game” don’t come on until Jan. 11, 2011, but I, along with every other fan of this show, is so GEEKED we finally get to see what happened after the Season 3 finale.  This was one show that had a predominant black cast, had substance, had a following, and went off the air, leaving us with major cliffhangers.  For almost 2 years, fans have been pressuring BET (or somebody) to pick this show back up.  All that hard work paid off.  I am VERY excited to see this show come back in 2011.  I just hope BET does it justice.

Who do you think had a great 2010?  What are you looking forward to in the new year?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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  1. Great review… I would like to also add that the President had a good 2010. Even through the red tape, setbacks, Tea Party, and haters within his own camp, the President has been able to accomplish in 2 years what many have tried and failed to do in previous administrations! I think so many times everyone is looking at the selfish “I” and not concentrating on the collective “we/us” that the progressive changes that have been implemented to help the American people in the long run is not so readily affirmed.

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