“Bridal Plasty” Sends the Wrong Message

In my tv surfing last night, I came across the new show on “E!” “Bridal Plasty”, which is hosted by former beauty queen and reality tv star Shanna Moakler.  The premise of the show is that the winner will receive all the plastic surgery her heart desires. 

Now, I have to admit when I saw the commercials for this show before its debut last night, I was less than impressed.  I know when some women are getting ready for their big day, the biggest worry they have is losing those last 10 pounds so that they can get into their dress.  The women on this show want to take it to a whole new level.  They want nose jobs, liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, etc.  Any plastic surgery procedure you can think of, they want it.  According to the plastic surgeon on the show, ALL of the contestants needed liposuction and/or a tummy tuck.  And the crazy thing is only one woman, from my observation, was truly overweight.  That happens to be Alexandria, a former “Biggest Loser” contestant whose fiancee’ proposed to her during the finale.  And like one of the girls in the house, Alexandria was getting on my nerves, too, talking about being on the “Biggest Loser”; it was just too much.

My first thought on this show was, “What are we teaching our girls?”  That they have to have the perfect hips, thighs, and butt to get married?  That they have to have the perfect figure to marry the man of their dreams?  That they have to look like a “supermodel” in order to walk down the aisle?  This show is the prime example of what is wrong with America’s concept of beauty.  Little girls are taught growing up that in order to be considered attractive you have to be a size 0, have long hair, long legs, and be at least 5’8″.  If I believed that, I would think I was the ugliest person in the world.  I’m definitely not a size 0, I have short hair, I do have great legs, and I’m only 5’4″.   If you do decide to let your daughter/niece/sister/friend/whatever watch this show, keep reiterating to her that she is beautiful just the way she is.  She doesn’t need to alter her looks for anything.  That’s what we need to be teaching the young women in our lives. 

I will say “Shame on you, E!” for this show.  Yes, these are grown women who know what they are doing and are old enough to make their own decisions, but if I were a betting woman, I’d wager a small amount that most of these women growing up did not receive the proper reinforcement from their parents and other loved ones that they were beautiful just as God made them.  To all of you reading this, be happy with who you are.  Love yourself for how you look right this second.  That’s the message that we need to be sending.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

P.S. To add insult to injury, when the first contestant, Ashley, was voted off last night, Shanna’s response was akin to (I’m paraphrasing), “Your wedding will still go on; it just may not be perfect.” WHAT?!?!?!


  1. I was horrified by this show too. I mean, I thought the guys were going to marry the gal based on how they CURRENTLY look, not on how they MIGHT look. What if the gal goes through all of this face-changing surgery and the guy is not attracted anymore??? Then there’s the whole issue about the hot-girl syndrome where a girl suddenly looks better, so her confidence goes through the roof and she thinks she can get anyone out there….

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  4. I think the show is so insesitive instead of helping children that need cosmetic surgery.for example my daughter had her first surgery at 3mnths because she had a birthmark around her eye that could cause cancer.they did a skin graphed from her abdomen to put it where she had her birth mark if they really want to help people out they should look for serious case like the one were going through because theres still more procedures to come.

  5. Why did I watch this show? Because I had to see if it was as disgusting as I imagined it would be. Well, it was worse. Much worse!! And truly sad. The idea that a bride must have big breasts and a molded butt in order to walk down the aisle is pathetic.
    Seriously, this show reveals the shallow, idiotic side of our culture. And the idea that a quick fix will solve all your problems. Not happening.
    These young women might be the most ridiculous humans on the planet. Only more idiotic was the fiancee, who told his bride-to-be that he’s like her to have bigger breasts and butt, as if he were ordering out of a Sears catalog.

  6. I was shocked as well when Shanna said, “Your wedding will still go on; it just may not be perfect.” It was inappropriate and awkward. Ashley had been voted off the show and the last thing she needed to hear was that. Furthermore, who’s to say that just because she isn’t getting plastic surgery her wedding won’t be perfect? It was a comment that reflects the increasingly materialistic and self-absorbed society that we live in. The media has clearly negatively influenced people, especially women, to think that they are not fine just the way they are and that they need to get plastic surgery in order to be beautiful. Plus, this show sugercoats plastic surgery and doesn’t address the fact that these procedures can occasionally go wrong; after all it is surgery. On the other hand, I understand that these women want to feel better about themselves, but if our culture wasn’t such a promoter of self-aggrandizement, these women probably wouldn’t have such desires for plastic surgery anyway. Not to mention that some of the women desiring procedures looked great. Maybe if we all focused on giving to others, we wouldn’t be so focused on ourselves. So many around the world don’t know when their next meal is coming and here in the U.S. we’re concerned about a little bit of cellulite on our thighs. I think it’s important to take a step back and be grateful for what we have and realize that in the grand scheme of things, a big nose or a flabby stomach really isn’t that big of a deal.

  7. This show absolutely disgusts me. It goes against everything that I’ve been trying to drill into other girls my age (20). I’m certainly not a trophy, but there are still plenty of people (both guys and girls) who love me. And I’ve been trying to get other girls to realize that the same is true of them, but how can I, when the general public aproves (even enjoys!) a show like this? Why can’t people see that God designed Every Single Feature that they are? Do they really think a plastic surgeon can do a better job than God?
    I agree that plastic surgery is nescisary for some people who have deformities, but this show is just disgusting.

  8. In all honesty, when I first heard about this show I thought it was a joke, some spin-off where they laugh at the idiocy of today’s world with a ridiculous premise.
    It sure as hell shows the idiocy of our culture in a mind-blowing way. The scary part? It’s not a joke.
    It’s sad really, that any network would APPROVE of airing this show. What happened to the recent push to promote a better world, better lifestyles, better self-esteems to stop awful acts like suicide that often stem from a hopeless feeling of never being able to fit in? Bridalplasty just seems to point and laugh at that notion – why try to give millions of people hope when we can lump a group of idiots together and elevate the idea that people need to look perfect to be happy, it says.
    I’m only 16 and I know better, or at least have better morals, than adults running a money-making company?
    You can go to kids networks and see commercials for making a change, for awards given to teenagers who have made a difference in this world at such a young age. Flip the channel and see women wanting to suck off their faces to look prettier (you have to wonder, seriously, whether these women are “all there” upstairs). My hope for humanity just went south.
    I really don’t think words can describe how shocked I am in regard to Bridalplasty. I’m still waiting for the April Fools. It’s disgusting. It makes me sick.

  9. I completely agree. This show is awful and should be taken off the air. I can’t describe how angry this show makes me because outside beauty is not what love is about. These women are engaged and already getting married, so they’re fiancees love them for who they are. There is no reason that E! should make beautiful women feel bad about themselves. I would never condone watching this show, but on the one episode I happened to pause on the women were looking at pictures of themselves and what they would look like if they were to get the surgery they wanted. THIS IS NOT OK.

  10. “P.S. To add insult to injury, when the first contestant, Ashley, was voted off last night, Shanna’s response was akin to (I’m paraphrasing), “Your wedding will still go on; it just may not be perfect.” WHAT?!?!?!”

    that bugged me too o_0 because yeah..as we ALL know, all perfect weddings always end in perfect marriages. *gag*

  11. I couldn’t agree more with this post! I don’t mind the thoughtless and mind wasting reality tv that’s typically on now, but this is sending a terrible message to say the least! And yes, the plastic surgeon is crazy thinking all these women need all these procedures! What a jerk! And the guys marrrying these women could probably use some serious help too. We will be discussing this show on my health/fitness radio show tomorrow night (12/8). Feel freel to text/email your comments to the show. We stream live online. We’re on the air at 6pm pst. http://www.livingtherun.com

  12. If i could describe this bridal plasty in one word, Its a total B.S. It makes me sick. To be honest, i feel sorry for all the dumb contestants in the worlds’ dumbest show. Why you are seeding a very wrong concept in the young audiences??? I think E! has completely lost its mind to even air this show. Seriously, please STOP this.

    • Tal, it’s SO much more than a game show. These women think that something’s so devastatingly wrong with how they look that they are willing to risk their lives to have multiple medical procedures. And every bride will look perfect on her big day. She just has to have the self-esteem and self-worth to know it.

  13. Its rili crazy how women lay so much emphasis on artificial beauty today, its sick and sad that a person in her right senses would want to alter God’s creation to Look ‘more beautiful’. This show should not be aired anymore coz its doing more harm than good to women.

  14. even if being fat was acceptable in this society , i’d still want to be skinny . this show is only making it what YOU make it out be , it’s not showing you have to look perfect to get married but it’s what these ladies want and all except for like 3 were fat & the skinny girls just wanted their teeth which is natural . everyone has a visual of a perfect wedding , not saying their wedding wasn;’t perfect but it may have no been what they wanted . don’t hate on this show , your the only ones make it bad .

  15. I just finished it on Netflix. I liked the series only because of the drama….it was funny. However, yes it can send the wrong message, but with that being said I don’t think kids should be watching it. and the whole comment Shanna makes at the end…she says that at the end of every episode to whoever is kicked off….its scripted, that’s her job.

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