Way Back Wednesday- Thanksgiving with the Family

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  That’s right, folks.  Tomorrow official starts the beginning (at least in my mind) of the holiday season.  (We’re not going to talk about how my place of PT employment has been decorated for Christmas for nearly a month.)  I talked to Southern Mom this morning, and of course we were both agonizing (but trying to be strong for the other) over the fact that I will not be home for Thanksgiving.   And this of course got me to thinking about the holidays growing up.  Since my parents are divorced I would spend Thanksgiving with one parent, then Christmas with the other parent and vice versa for the next year.  Specifically for Thanksgiving, each family had their own separate yet unique traditions. 

Each year since I was in the 2nd grade, my mother has hosted Thanksgiving at our house.  I’m not sure if anyone remembers, but my mom bought her first house when I was in the 2nd grade and moved the week of Thanksgiving.  To help her move, my family kicked into high gear, helped us pack up, and had dinner at my mom’s.  From there, I think it just stuck.  Everyone brings a dish, the men (and some ladies) watch football, others gather around the dining room table, and when it’s time to eat, we all gather around the table, say grace, and dig in!  It’s a wonderful time for all of us (my grandparents, my grandmother’s siblings, my mom’s siblings, and my cousins) to get together. 

My dad’s family is a little different.  Even though it’s probably about the same amount of people as my mom’s family, it’s just my grandparents’ children, and their children (and now their children’s children!).   We typically used to have dinner at my Godmother’s house.  We gather, say grace around the table, and eat!  I always enjoyed going to see my dad’s family as they lived about 4 hours away from me, and I didn’t get to see my cousins that often.  We played catch up, the older cousins picked on the younger ones, and you may see a game of Spades going on.   Before the night was over, we all picked a name for Christmas gifts. 

Sadly, as I’ve gotten older and have moved away from my family, it’s harder for me to get to SC to spend the holidays with my relatives.  Thankfully I have friends here in DC who have adopted me and taken me in and invited me to spend Thanksgiving with them.   I wish you all a joyous, blessed, Thanksgiving holiday.  I’ll catch you guys next week.  (Oh, I’m supposed to be making a peach cobbler tomorrow-should be good!)  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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  1. When ever I think of Thanksgiving, it always brings two memories to mind: humor and parties. First the humor. Every Thanksgiving I remember was always at my uncle’s house, my dad’s brother. The problem is every year there were always more people than the last year. It was incredible because they were trying to feed all these people and they have this tiny kitchen and by the time we were finally ready to eat everything was cold!! It was awful! Then my grandmother would want us to gather around the table and pray and no matter how hard we try something always happens during the prayer and one or all of us would laugh and then it would spread like wild fire, worse part of all is trying to contain laughter while the prayer finishes!! So after we nibbled on the food we could stomach my cousins and I would leave there and go to my uncle’s ex-wife’s house and enjoy the best hot meal ever and the whole time we are talking about how bad the food was at my uncle’s, it was great. Now that we are older we skip the trip around town and now I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner all by myself, so excited!! Of course my second memory of Thanksgiving is my birthday because right after Thanksgiving is my birthday and my cousins were always jealous because we would always go out for my birthday because it was so close to Thanksgiving. Well that is my memory , I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. And if you want to stop by and pick up a to-go plate feel free, we will be here…

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