Way Back Wednesday-Former Crushes

Last night, my soror @ISayWord and I travelled to the Kennedy Center to watch Nomadic Massive perform at the Millenium Stage. (LOVED their performance; I’m getting their CD!) In any event, we had a nice discussion about our former and current celebrity crushes. We both named some people of which we weren’t necessarily too proud, but I believe we have all liked some ugly ducklings in our lives. Today I’ll share with you some of my crushes from the 90’s-the good, the bad, and the not-so-cute.

First, the loc wearing Busta Rhymes. Yes, I know…get your giggles out. I know that if I met Trevor Smith (his government name) on the street I wouldn’t have given him a 2nd look. But during the time surrounding the release of his 3rd album Extinction Level Event, I loved him. 

Next up, Bokeem Woodbine.  Not sure what it was about him or where I first saw him, but there was somthing about Bokeem that I thought was cute.  Don’t judge me.

Larenz Tate was such a cutie (and still is!).  He first caught my eye as bad-boy O-Dog in “Menace II Society“, was adorable in “The Inkwell“, and got his grown man on in “Love Jones”.  Not sure how old he is now, but he hasn’t aged one bit.  I guess he’s showing us all that black don’t crack.

Jason Weaver was so cute to me.  He first caught my eye playing Michael Jackson in “The Jacksons: An American Dream” then he showed up on my tv screen each week on “Smart Guy”.  He was cute, a little mischievous, and slightly arrogant, just the things that make a teenage girl swoon. 

Who were some of your crushes from back in the day?  I have a whole lot more, but I think this was a good start.  I named just enough for me to hide behind a tree and some that I know ALL of you will agree.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

One of my favorite Busta videos!

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