Southern Girl Movie Review-For Colored Girls

Happy Monday!  I know you guys missed me!!!  Honestly, last week was not a good week for me, so I had to take a step back and re-evaluate some things.  This weekend I had some time for reflection, fun, fellowship,and worship, so I am rejuvenated, revived, and ready for the week! 

Like most black women in the US, I saw “For Colored Girls” this weekend.  Before I saw the movie, I had decided I wasn’t going to do a review.   Like most people, I had low expectations for this film.  Even though I had never read the play or seen the production, I just knew Tyler Perry was gonna mess this up.  I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised.  This movie is PHENOMENAL!!!  I went with one of my linesisters, and after the movie was over, we just sat in our seats as the credits rolled because we were shocked, amazed, and had heavy hearts.  (And it didn’t help that they played my favorite Nina Simone song “Four Women“.)   I’m not a cryer at movies, but with this thing right here-I was crying like a baby.   For a movie to evoke this type of emotion is truly nothing short of extraordinary.  We all know Mr. Perry can give you laughs and giggles, but with this movie he gives you the complete opposite-sadness, pain, anger. 

Now, there were some people’s performances of which I wasn’t too fond.  Fellow Rattler Anika Noni Rose, got on my nerves at the beginning of this movie.  I know I have a sunny disposition, but she took the cake.  But to balance how she was by the end of the middle of the movie, I get it.  And Janet kinda got on my nerves, although my linesister loved her.   Tessa Thompson is going to be someone to watch, and I was thoroughly impressed with the performances of Thandie Newton and Michael Ealy.  Everytime Michael Ealy came on the screen the words sung by Nicki Minaj “I’m a mutha-f—– MONSTER!!!” rang through my head. 

My final thoughts on the movie?  I think everyone played their part and played it well.  The casting for the film was spot on. (Really, could you imagine Mariah Carey doing a better job than Thandie Newton??? I think not.)   Michael bulked up considerably, Kerry Washington lost weight, and Omari Hardwick aka Carl was TOO fine to look at, even though his character left a lot to be desired…I give the movie a 95 out of 100. 

If you have not seen this movie, you need to go.  I only have one friend who didn’t like it (and yes, she’s seen the production).  Now I need to go find this book.  Kudos to Mr. Perry.  I smell an Oscar #realtalk.  If you saw the movie, what did you think?  Like it, love it?  Should Tyler have left it alone?   Or did he prove once and for that if he puts his mind to it he can give us something great? 

*For your viewing and listening pleasure, “Four Women” performed by Nina Simone. *


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