My Favorite YouTube Video…

Happy Monday!!!  Last week, I came across a video on YouTube that I thought was absolutely HEE-LARRY-US!!!  It speaks so much to mainstream media’s perception of Black women…which isn’t a good thing.  I’m sure some of you have seen it, and if you have, that’s ok.  Maybe it’ll still give you a Monday morning chuckle. 

My thoughts on the video?  Sadly, for the average educated, well-bred, financially independent, upwardly mobile, slightly bougie, single Black woman, this is an accurate portrayal…with a little extremities.  And unfortunately, there is a lot of double talk coming from us.  We want a man who is able to provide, but we’re interested in remaining a team of one rather than becoming a team of two.  And while we claim to be Christians, we only want to follow the parts of the Bible we like.  And most importantly, we don’t recognize a good man when he’s sitting right in front of us, because he doesn’t meet our height, age, income, etc. requirement. 

What are your thoughts on the video-good, bad, or indifferent?  I have to admit I am a little tired of the not-knowing-what-I-want Black woman syndrome, but I’m glad this was something that is actually funny.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!


  1. This is hilarious… Sad but true. So many of my black female counterparts are complaining about the lack of black male companionship. My first response is “have you checked yourself?” I’m noticing that most of the black women that I know (between 25 and 30) that are not married are so high on the “independence” horse that they can’t see the large number of available men that are waiting for a chance to put a ring on them.
    1) Your man probably won’t make 100K! If he does, he won’t have time to share with you because he’ll be making the money.
    2) The average height of men is not 6’3… Trust me… So the probablility of you finding the tall, chocolate hunk that you’re dreaming about is slim. How about getting past the physical and start looking toward the emotional.
    3) The idea of a thug in streets, freak in the sheets, and a leader in the boardroom is BS! That’s not real. A black man (that is if that’s what you’re looking for) has to wear enough hats for people that don’t know him, trust and believe the idea of switching those hats for people he do know will get tiresome real quick. The true colors will come shining through eventually… and probably without you.

    In concurrence with Elle… Women figure out what you want then go for it!

  2. Although I am not a black woman, I am single, educated, a Christian, and I somewhat know what it is that I am looking for in a man, as to which I have not found to this day. I thought this video was really humorous. Thanks for sharing! I think its pretty much the same concensus across the board no matter what race or orgin you are…a woman these days is strong, independant and well rounded we have to be in order to be productive in todays workforce and prove ourselves worthy of higher paying positions. None the less, with more seniority, notarity or education, also comes the stigma of being “too good” and in a way that seems to detract rather than attract men our direction. Holding out is one thing, chasing them away because of being “too picky” is another. This video clip has taught me one thing and that is to appreciate the guy sitting in front of you and maybe he is short, doesn’t make the 6 figure income, or perhaps he doesn’t drive the type of car you would like to be seen in…but, he’s there and maybe that is the only difference between being single and in a relationship. Not saying one should settle, just saying maybe we should pay closer attention to our surroundings. Thanks for posting this. Take care!

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