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I Heart DC

I have taken a new position in downtown DC, and through my travels through the city yesterday, I felt like a TRUE city girl!  First, I travelled through the city via the Metro.  No, it wasn’t my first time ever, but it was my first time doing it during a workday.  Secondly, instead of getting on the closest Metro last night to go home, I decided to walk a few blocks to the Chinatown Metro and get on at that stop.   Yesterday evening was perfect fall weather.  It had stopped raining and the weather was a bit cool, but it’s a lot better than what we had this summer.  As I was walking down G St with my peacoat on and umbrella in hand, I thought, “So, this is what actually LIVING in the city is like.”

There were people everywhere, businesses were lit, and it was an amazing experience for me.  I even stopped at the MLK Library to peruse the books and catch up on my book club selection for the month.  I even called some friends who live nearby to see if they wanted to get together.  By working outside of the city, I feel like I miss a lot of great opportunities to hang out and do things on a regular basis there during the week. 

If you’re a Washingtonian, or frequent DC on the regular, what’s your favorite thing about the city?  If you don’t live in DC, what’s your favorite thing about where you live?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!