My Top 3 Fave Posts (at the moment!)

We’re at Day 24 of the Blogging for Branding Challenge, and I must say I am very excited about the changes I’ve made.  And I was excited to see that I already incorporated some of the tips into “Southern Girl…”  This post will highlight 3 of my favorite posts (at the moment) that I feel encompass what I enjoy and some things I find interesting.  Who can go wrong with relationships, fashion, and pop culture???

First, I have to go to my fave blogger and fellow Southerner OneChele at “Black ‘N Bougie”. She has so many posts that I love that it’s very hard for me to pick just one, but pick one I did.  Every now and then she will share stories of events that have been happening with her and her new beau.  This story (The Soap Opera Continues, Part I) is one of her latest tales of the goings-on with some drama she’s had to deal with regarding the crazy people tied to her new man.  What happens when the boo’s ex-wife and best friend show up unannounced???  You’ll be surprised to find out…(and don’t forget to read Part II.)

My friend, Erin, I believe you’ve read some of her posts a time or two, has started “Fashion Friday” on her own blog.  The latest post (Color Me Bad-Nail Colors for Fall) is full of great colors that we ladies can use to express ourselves this upcoming season without having to spend a whole lot of money.  I’m your typical girly-girl, but I’ve recently started painting my fingernails on a halfway regular basis.  I’m always looking for eclectic colors to use when I want to add a spark to my look!

Lastly, Hell in a Hanbag, created by OriginalNajeema, is the blog I think is most close to Southern Girl, in the sense that we write about various topics.  The great thing is that we rarely discuss the same thing.  And on the rare event that we do, our takes and writing styles are completely different.  “Race, Class, and the Dollar” discusses the issues regarding Antoine Dodson and the attention he’s received due to a tragedy in the home.   As only she can do, Najeema provides her witty commentary to what has become a pop culture phenom.

I know you guys have favorite posts, so please share them.  We all need some things to read to make us laugh, help us with our style, and to make us think.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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